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This animated film directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park was one of the major hits of 2000. The film was hugely successful world over and has won lots of awards and nominations including a Golden Globe nomination. Chicken Run can be best described as a comedy drama set in the Yorkshire Chicken Farm in England during the 1950s’.

The plot of the film is simple. Mr and Mrs Tweedy own a chicken farm for which very harsh rules has been devised. The hen which does not produce enough eggs is a sure candidate for getting chopped. The chickens are luckier. Their leader, Ginger, is forever making plans for the great escape. It is a different story that all their plans have failed so far.

However Ginger, the leader of the chicken family, hatches one plan after another to escape from the farm but all meets disastrous results as he is always let down by his companions. One night a chicken gets axed in the farm and this leaves Ginger unhappy. He is wandering in the farm when suddenly he notices a rooster crashing on to the farm. He introduces himself as a member of the nearby circus and his name is Rocky.

Rocky begins training Ginger and in the process does not miss an opportunity to irritate Ginger and Officer Fowler. A lot of funny incidents take place in the farm and slowly but steadily a romance brews between Rocky and Ginger. On the other side of the story, the Tweedys’ purchased a machine to make chicken pies. Mr Tweedy had grand plans to convert all the chickens into juicy pies. Ginger was now panicked. She, along with her friends, needs to flee the farms as soon as possible. The sequences of events that follow are really funny and you need to watch the film to really enjoy it. I am not going to give away the ending and spoil the fun for you.

The Chicken Run movie is a family entertainer and is a hit in every single country. The kids just love to watch the antics of the chickens as they create a number of humorous scenes in the movies. The film itself has a healthy mix of humor and intellectual parodies. The fun element of the movie gets pronounced once Rocky enters the scene. Mel Gibson weaves magic as the voice of Rocky and Julia Sawalha as the voice of Ginger is very enterprising. There is hardly any part of the movie that needs improvement.

The only loophole of the movie is perhaps the animated chickens which are a far cry from the real chicken in terms of looks. But I doubt whether you really want to see real chickens on screen. The animation overall is really good and the music is soothing.

This is a movie which you never miss. It is true that people will enjoy watching this movie at theaters but if you are hard pressed for time you can watch Chicken Run online free right from your bedroom.
Sabung Ayam
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