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Winter, most parts of China generally cool, even a hundred rare northern snow, coupled with centralized heating prices rise, coal prices rose straight line, resulting in two-temperature
Air conditioning
Become the new darling of the public this winter. Major appliance stores to people flock to buy air conditioning. Many brands of air conditioning,
Air conditioning with a strong brand pull more power and reliable technical quality to attract consumers purchase choice.

People favor two-temperature air conditioning, Zhi Gao
Winter gains across the board

From Pescod information gathered around the market since mid-November, air conditioning tends to increase overall sales, more than urban residents, and even some rural consumers are mostly used for heating air in this way, the country in November Pescod sales to achieve substantial growth over the same period last year.

Reporters in a home appliance store to see come to choose a constant stream of customers Chigo air conditioning. According to Purchasing Guide description: “Many consumers are buying name, Chigo Air Conditioning
Waste Management products, ultra-low temperature start, rapid heating / cooling, energy efficiency than conventional air-conditioning 30%, while similar models for less than half the market retail price, and zero
Lifetime free replacement service, customers have to buy the rest assured, are used to save money, this is only a morning and we sold over 10 sets! “

Lead to win government subsidies, energy-saving PWM award-winning

Recently, the reporter was informed that the first energy-saving PWM state subsidies have been issued in place, Zhi Gao became the first air conditioning industry access to national policy on subsidies to the largest enterprises, and this figure exceeds the subsidy list also ranked second and third spaces combined. According to the China National Institute of Standardization Wangruo Hong director has revealed energy saving
Projects that benefit the
Sales statistics, chi, three-month high in 6,7,8 won both the industry champion.
National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance
published in the first directory of energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies for the promotion, the blog of a high by winning the number of energy efficiency products reached 112, accounting for 34% of the industry, successfully won a Product “winning the largest number of product energy efficiency the highest, most cost effective products,” and many other titles. The subsequent announcement of the second directory, Zhi You Yi successful high number of 261, a successful energy efficiency 192, once again ranks first in the industry leading air conditioning brands.

2009 10 months, the State Information Center released the “2009 Air Conditioner White Paper” and give Pescod “National Energy Conservation Award Waste Management”, “Pioneer brand domestic market” and “the international market leader brand” and three awards further witness to the high air-conditioning energy saving Chi Wai Man’s exemplary performance.
New energy came
prerelease, Platinum Edition, “Lang on the light”

With many years of accumulation of air conditioning energy saving technology, high air-conditioning energy saving big family blog, formed by three super-king, the North Olympic Light, Office of the pride of the three series as the core of a powerful lineup. Today, the Chi-air conditioning can be adding new members of the family.
According to Chi
person in charge of high-tech center, new Platinum version of Lang on the light series will officially be available this month, new designs using third-generation slide inside, after a comprehensive reliability testing; the appearance of a “crystal” glass products
, Reflected the dim moonlight like texture, is simple and elegant; to adhere to energy-saving technology, health, quiet, environmentally friendly development concept, but in positioning, but unlike other products high above the image, open up a high-end product of the popularity of the way the civilian population, is bound to be high in 2010 Chi Wai Man universal energy is another killer storm. SABUNG AYAM