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According to the recently held National Environmental Technology Conference news, China in 2007 and 2010, respectively implementation of the national third and fourth stages of motor vehicle emission standards. On each engine, each stage of the implementation of a new emission standards, the single pollutant emissions will be reduced by 30% or more.

State Environmental Protection Administration and Technology Standards, the responsible person at the meeting said that if the planned implementation of the two standards, from 2008 to 2012, only to road vehicles will reduce emissions by 1.8 million tons nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons 2.2 million tons, 16 million tons of carbon monoxide, which will further promote the technology upgrade, reducing the gap with the international advanced level to enhance international competitiveness, benefit-related exports. The official said that by 2010, China’s production level of vehicle emissions control technology gap with foreign advanced level is expected to 8 years in 2000, reduced to 5 years.

Beijing as China took the lead emission standards for the implementation of the country three cities, is a pioneer in China’s auto emission control, began to demand the end of 2005 on the licensing of all new light vehicle emission standards to reach the third stage, the brand new 2006 light petrol vehicles must be equipped with OBD (onboard diagnostics system). On December 23 last year, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing, Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision issued on implementation of national third and fourth stages of motor vehicle emissions standards bulletin. Notice that in Beijing since December 30, 2005 onwards, except light diesel vehicles on the outside of the light vehicle and heavy vehicle engine, the implementation of “light vehicle emission limits and measurement methods (state 3, state 4 phase)” (GB18352.3-2005), “auto-compression ignition, gas ignition engines with exhaust emission limits and measurement methods (state 3, state 4, state 5 phase)” (GB17691-2005) in The third phase of emission control requirements, since January 1, 2007 onwards, on the fourth stage of the implementation of light-duty diesel vehicle emission control requirements.

It is reported that the new standards required from 1 July 2007 introduced the third phase of the national emission limit standards, technically complex OBD system be delayed. July 1, 2007 all the stereotypes in the production of light vehicles accordingly postponed by one year. In addition, the standard set forth in July 1, 2010 implementation of the standards of the fourth stage of emission limits.

Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Administration has released the third phase of 20 lots meet the national emission standard models directory, covering 104 major domestic and foreign manufacturers of 1465 kinds of vehicles, motor vehicle sales accounting for the mainstream market, the current Beijing model of 80%.

Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau has also published on the website from 2006 to 2008, environmental protection and construction of three-year action plan to make public transportation and other key industries first implementation of a national phase III motor vehicle emission standards, the other new cars from 2007 comprehensive implementation of the national 3 standard. At the same time, Guangzhou was approved by the State Council on September 1 this year, implementation of the country from 3 standard, as following Beijing, Shanghai, China after the implementation of the third city in the country 3 standard. 3 standard then the country will be July 1, 2007 implementation of the national unity.

Are the main themes of environmental protection, vehicle emissions and environmental protection are closely related, as China’s rapid growth in car ownership, car use in pollution emissions is the main problem, the state issued a series of emissions from new Standard, 2005 SEPA announced five new vehicle emissions standards, including “light vehicle emission limits and measurement methods (state 3, state 4 phase)”, “fire engine equipped with heavy-duty automotive crankshaft Box pollutant emission limits, “” fire engines equipped with heavy-duty vehicle fuel evaporative emissions limits, “” driving motorcycles and mopeds speed limits and measurement methods of noise “and” motorcycles and of noise Limits and measurement methods. “

The industry experts said, reached 3 emission standards for vehicles, there are two prominent characteristics: First, can substantially reduce the pollutant discharge cycling, the emissions standards of vehicles than to state 2 by 50% or more. Second, the installation of OBD, OBD systems installed all 3 vehicles the country, you can discover the failure of vehicles and pollution exceeds the standard. Implementation of the State 3, State 4 standard, bicycle production costs will increase from 1000 to 2000 yuan.

It is reported that China’s total of 26 inspection agencies have detected Country 3, State 4 standard vehicles (engine) capability, which includes nine furniture a national qualification test units and 17 car (engine manufacturers). [Key words]: Emission standards State Implement Comment Large In Small SABUNG AYAM