China Lags Behind in New Tech Launches

As you may have noticed, our lives are now almost completely dependent on technology and things are constantly getting “harder, better, faster, stronger”. The problem is that in some areas of the world the newest gadgets are not always available at the time they are originally released – this is the case with China.

Apple’s devices have been very popular in China but have often been released there months after launching in Europe or the United States. The iPad made its debut in the country a week earlier than the iPhone 4, but both products have been available on the grey market: largely because of unusually high demand for Apple goods.

Apple has failed so far, despite extensive negotiations, to get a fair deal with China Mobile – the country’s largest mobile telecommunications company. However, they made a contract with China Unicom and initial demand for iPhones have met their expectations – over 250,000 pre-orders by Monday and more than 50,000 walk-in purchases of the device on the first day. With such a great consumer interest, inventory didn’t last long and demand has quickly outpaced supply, leaving people only with the promise that the companies will get more units on the store shelves as fast as possible. China Unicom offers the phone with a two-year mobile subscription, and their customers can now benefit from 3G services by making cheap calls to China and abroad.

The launch of latest iPhone appears to be stronger than the 3GS a year ago, when we saw China Unicom managing to sell only 100,000 devices over the first six weeks and only 5,000 on the first day. Another reason is that prices are a lot lower for this generation – about 20%.

According to some research companies, Apple is only the fifth largest smartphone Vendor in China with just over 7% shares, compared to 15% worldwide. It would have helped if the company dealt with the problem of release dates in China and the release dates in the rest of the world prior to the actually launch. To their credit, Apple seem to be working on the issue, having recently announced the opening of two retails stores – one in Shanghai and another in Beijing. They have said that they plan to open 25 stores in the Asian country by the end of 2011.

In addition, the iPhone 4 has been allowed to activate its Wi-Fi connection, now that Apple have acquired a network access license. Previously, the official models had disabled wi-fi, an unpleasant surprise for the people trying to use the latest 3G technology to call China for business or family related reasons.

Laal Jodee- New Nepali Comedy Full Movie 2017/2074 Ft. Buddhi Tamang, Jyoti Kafle, Rajani KC

Laal Jodee- New Nepali Comedy Full Movie 2017/2074 Ft. Buddhi Tamang, Jyoti Kafle, Rajani KC

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New Nepali Movie LAAL JODEE

Artists: Jyoti Kafle, Rajani KC, Aayushma Karki, Buddhi Tamang, Puran Thapa, Kishwor Bhandari, Govinda Koirala etc.
Writer/Producer/Director: Laxman Subedi
Singers: Rajesh Payal Rai and Manisha Pokharel
Lyrics: Dinesh Subedi
Music: Tanka Budhathoki
Arranger: Tanka Budhathoki
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