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HC Network Plastic News: China’s press industry began in the late fifties of last century, after fifty years of development, in particular the rapid development since the reform and opening up, and entering the new century by leaps and bounds, has grown from nothing from small to large course, and made great achievements, great changes have taken place in the historic, the Chinese press industry from obscurity to become the whole world, to become important from the trivial, and production yields highest in the world, is truly Plastic Machinery Huge manufacturing power. Although China is not yet strong plastic machinery manufacturing, but the national plastic machinery industry is to redouble its efforts to focus on promoting industrial upgrading, struggling to catch up with the world advanced level, stride towards the creation of plastic machinery powerful.

1 Worldwide attention to the cause of China presses
Present, the development of plastic machinery in China is causing particular concern around the world, first, because the annual production of plastic machinery in China ranks first in the world presses in the world market have a significant impact can not be underestimated; Second, because the Chinese press The export volume increased, rising exports, which presses the global market has undergone new changes; Third, because the Chinese plastic machinery products have obvious advantages, not only to assure product quality, and cost-effective in the foreign markets have considerable competitiveness; Fourth, because the pace of development of plastic machinery in China with what the world would wonder, and industrial structure adjustment speed constantly, constantly improve product grade is greater, broader and higher level participating in international competition.

2 eight points reflect the current situation of Chinese plastic machinery industry
As China’s sustained and rapid development of plastic machinery industry, the global recognition of the extent of China presses a dramatic increase, which the world presses in the industry’s position has also been significantly improved. At present, China plastic machine not only has a bright future, large space Consumption Market, and formed a full range of scale rather have a more advanced level, can basically meet the domestic demand and have considerable international competitiveness of the industrial system, the formation of a number of distinctive characteristics of industrial clusters and enterprises all over the country’s industrial structure.

According to the Statistics Bureau and China Customs statistics, China’s plastics machinery industry, the economic situation in 2007, showing an overall upward trend, with the following eight bright spots.

(1) General Gauge Mold growing. Main features: “Two additional, two breakthrough.” “Two additional” refer to: First sales of 5 million yuan or more in the scale of the growing number of enterprises. Second, an increasing number of employees.

“Two Breakthrough” means: First, the total industry assets, the first time 20,000,000,000 yuan, total industrial output value is the first time two 20,000,000,000 yuan.

(2) sales continue to cross. Chiefly: the “two across.” First, gross sales leap 20 billion yuan mark for the first time, and second, 20 billion yuan sales revenue for the first time across the barrier.

(3) rising export earnings. Export delivery value of the whole industry by the 2006’s 3.042 billion yuan, up to 2007’s 4.166 billion yuan, an increase of 36.92 percent year on year.

(4) industry profits rise. Concrete expression significantly increased the total profits in the industry; industry marked increase in profit margins; corporate profits increased significantly.

(5) Technology Growing strength. China has set up nearly 10 colleges and universities Plastic molding machine Mechanical expertise, and generally have a master’s training qualifications, which has two universities have also set up a doctorate. Plastic machinery industry in China, there are state-level research centers ( Polymer New molding equipment state Project Research Center, Plastic Machinery Technology Development Center and the State Mold Research Center) 3, 1 level enterprise technical centers, cities, and 10 specialized research institutes, professional testing center 2, Office Professional Enterprise Institute 10. SABUNG AYAM