China’s Gas Exports To Offensive With The Eu Big Business Market – With Gas, Condensing Gas

A vigorous China Gas Appliance Enterprises export boom gradually starting to offensive EU market, while the direct factor is the relevant product standards closer to the European standard.

News from April 22 in Foshan, China and the EU held a technical seminar on gas confirmed on May 1 about the official implementation of the “home

Gas stoves A “new national standard, part of the revised parameters of the standard even higher than Europe and the United States Japan and South Korea are revised condensing

Gas Water Heater Standards, it is changed to reference the style of Japanese standards, greater use of European standard content.

Attack the EU market as a first step, on April 22, by the state quality supervision center gas together with the European Union CE certification seminar jointly organized, attracting both domestic gas appliances, including 40 leading enterprises Macro number of export enterprises to participate.

EU CE Certification stop the pace of domestic exports
“The EU market of electrical products must pass the CE certification.” EU’s responsible for food safety regulation and consumer high-level officials working MarijnColijn interview introduced by the 28 European nations with the European Union has in the gas huge market, the EU regulation on gas safety is very strict with its product safety law: Gas appliances must be tested by the European Notified Body review by the factory to obtain CE certification to enter the EU market.

Although China Gas Company has been to attack with the EU market, but are not familiar with the European market, and the European Union CE certification and internal inconsistencies in the current regulatory regime, the domestic system does not align with international practice, the products on the domestic export enterprises design, organization of production, product testing, and created a certain impact on gas with the Chinese enterprises have been unable to break the ice EU certification. In the April 22 seminar, the Netherlands Ministry of Public Health officials directed security certification, the Chinese products fail to secure the European CE certification key is “not enough emphasis on the parts of components.”

National Gas appliances Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center deputy director of the forest edge to this reporter that the Chinese gas appliances on the market regulatory system, a more international popular product certification system and monitoring system products in China, there existed a great these differences affect the gas with the smooth development of import and export trade. But with the emergence of more third-party certification body, will continue with Supervision, Inspection and gas-rich channels for enterprises to improve product quality and provide more diversity of choice.

The new national standard gradually move closer to the European standard
EU market made a huge gas business is ready for a domestic gas, domestic fuel enterprises in becoming familiar with the European Union’s CE certification system, the domestic gas began to change with the relevant standards, a change to Japan as a reference standard used to practice, gradually move closer to European standards.

Lin force told reporters on May 1 this year, China will implement a new “gas cookstove with a” national standard. The new national standard on the main fire power, flame failure protection, environmental provisions and the burner material, testing to make amendments to various rules, etc., stove part of the product safety and technical parameters were improved compared to the previous standard, part of the revised parameters even higher than the stove industry in developed European and American national standard. In response, the relevant department spokesman said the new standard part of the requirements than the EU standards, is determined by China’s specific national conditions. On the other hand, it is also gas with gradually move closer to EU standards is one of the signal.

Experts, modified gas associated with the industry standard, to move closer to EU standards on domestic gas appliance businesses, will help domestic enterprises to reduce barriers to exports to the EU market. Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. General Manager YU Shao-yin, said that the relevant standards gradually moving to the European standard, will help purify the domestic gas appliance brand competition, and enhance the overall technical level of domestic gas appliance industry. SABUNG AYAM