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China PVC The geographical distribution of window and door profile production
HC plastic mesh News: The world’s first door frames PVC Plastic Windows and doors in 1959 in the Federal Republic of Germany has experienced since the advent of half a century, to synthetic materials such as raw materials for PVC windows and doors of its excellent mechanical properties, weathering (UV resistance) performance, flame resistance, light weight, long life , making easy installation, low maintenance, as well as cheap and so, in the developed countries have made considerable progress. China’s PVC profile doors and windows industry has experienced 30 years of development, from the introduction phase, high-speed development period, has now entered into a transition.

China in the 20th century, early 80s, when the number of plastic processing factory double from abroad Screw Extruder, to the mid-1980s evolved more than 200 lines, about 100kt capacity of the industry, but because of the prevailing social environment Economy And policy conditions and other reasons, the PVC plastic door and window industry has failed to form an effective market. 80s -90 years, with the twin-screw extruder, and domestic production of energetic development of township enterprises, plastic profile has also been some development, however, the contradiction between production capacity and market saturation, the price intense competition, manufacturers in general the pursuit of low cost, simplified window profile section, the formula is also a large number of filled Calcium carbonate , Resulting in low performance, poor quality products popular, so just start the plastic profile and door and window industry another blow.

1994, the former Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Chemical Industry, China Light Industry Association, National Building Materials Bureau and the China Petrochemical Corporation 5 Division was set up jointly organized the “National Leading Group for the coordination of chemical building materials,” to develop and publish the relevant the goal to develop chemical building materials, planning, policies and norms; later in June 1997 issued an “accelerate the popularization and application of chemical building materials and restrictions, the provisions of eliminating inferior products,” a powerful impetus to the PVC plastic door and window industry development. At this point, a number of strong companies to begin absorbing the essence of foreign European profile of the technology, developed their own doors and windows series, become the dominant plastic doors and windows, doors and windows to promote technological upgrading and development, but also the whole industry has been unprecedented development and growth. Since 2003, after the product matured, PVC profile industry has entered a transition period. Also that since 2003, the high profit margins led to too many blind investment, many defects in the beginning reflected. Uneven level of product quality PVC windows and doors, poor quality products still have a larger market; the same time, the industry technical standards are too low, is detrimental to technological progress, leading to resurgence of aluminum alloy. Market competition more fierce.

Countries in the “Eleventh Five-Year” plan clearly to make the country more than 20% energy consumption reduction target. According to survey data released by the departments concerned that the current building energy consumption in China accounted for 40% of energy consumption, ranking first in all kinds of energy, including energy loss through windows and doors up to 46% high. Therefore, building energy conservation has become an important measure to reduce energy consumption, more attention by people, but also to promote the rapid development of domestic plastic door and window industry, one of the engines. At the national “energy saving, emission reduction” policy, supported by application of domestic demand in 2007 reached 4300kt more about the actual production capacity of 1 / 2 (including 2000kt about inferior products), exports nearly 100kt, annual consumption of PVC resin About 3500kt more about PVC resin production in China more than 40%. End of 2008 internally already have a profile line of more than 10,000 articles, more capacity 8000kt, more than 10,000 more than the production enterprises. 2008 in the towns of plastic doors and windows in the market share of new housing has reached more than 50%, while the safety of plastic doors and windows, Environmental protection The same problem and people pay attention to energy conservation. SABUNG AYAM