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HC Network Plastic News: “leave year in China,” the story of a funny but true adventure story full of setbacks. Christmas has just passed, the Americans suddenly find Sarah, 39 Christmas gifts , The “China” has 25; and home DVD , Shoes, Socks , Toys, Table lamp … … Are all from China. The face of these circumstances, she can not help but ask ourselves: If there are no Chinese products, Americans can live? Globalization really has quietly entered our Life It? Sarah was a whim, decided on Jan. 1, 2005, the year lead the family began to try not to buy Chinese goods, and thus was born this book.

End of the book talking about Sarah, a reporter interviewed the family in China, trying to find all kinds of evidence that Americans do not buy Chinese goods will become how tragic day. I believe many Chinese readers want to read from the book, Americans can not do without Chinese products, which our self-esteem will be greatly satisfied.

Indeed, without “Made in China” days a lot of trouble. As Sarah said, before I got an shopping in that year turned into a torment. In order to buy your child shoes, Sarah traveled to the mall, and had to bear the pain subscription price of 68 dollars a pair of Italian shoes. The children looked on helplessly, “crocodile doctor”, inflatable Swimming pool Plastic lightsaber, breaking a finger earlier this year looking forward to the past, they can enjoy to buy Chinese toys … … all of these shoppers are a major headache for Sarah. If Sarah did not continue to adhere to a “Made in China” life, you may experience more trouble, but no way to leave the “Made in China” can not live stage. Self-respecting Chinese, no need in American life, “China” on the search for national pride.

Why the U.S. market, Chinese goods are everywhere then? This is the result of economic globalization. The ideal of globalization is that no country, only the market, all factors of production and goods can be freedom of movement of capital and labor alike. Instead, we live in a one of the nation-state within the borders is an invisible wall wall, making the flow of elements very difficult. Particularly the movement of people, it is increasingly restricted. Cheap labor in China, the U.S. labor expensive, according to the principles of market economy, the United States should “buy” more of China’s labor force, that is, absorb more Chinese immigrants. However, even the United States that advertised “free” countries, on all sorts of free movement of labor is limited. If the free movement of labor can not, globalization is only open half of the market economy. However, as long as half of the open, market economy, like air, water, can be taking advantage of the infiltration. If China’s labor force is no way to the United States, the U.S. capital would be to China. If the Chinese factory workers could not work to the United States, U.S. factories will move to China altogether. This is what we now see in the world economy: foreign capital (including of course the U.S. capital) in China Investment Plant, using the advantage of abundant Chinese labor, manufacture products, sales to the U.S. market. Yes, the United States, families are enjoying in China Shirt , Shoes, toys. However, just when I write this, I use IBM’s Computer , Windows of Operating system , Google The search Index Engine. There is no family willing to test the Chinese year without “Made in America” in life?

If we want to “Made in China” comment, then we need to focus on how much is not made in China, but China in the manufacture of what. When China is becoming a “world factory”, “world’s manufacturing center” topic relish, do not forget, it certainly reflects China’s competitiveness has been improving, but it also reminds us to reflect on migrant workers was out with meager wages, factory moving river pours dirty water, oil, Steel , Copper and Rubber And a series of import prices are steadily pushed higher and higher. SABUNG AYAM