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3G concept of hot, did not think TD-SCDMA standard for 3G mobile phone is more “hot.” “Daily Economic News” recently through internal channels to try the TD-SCDMA standard for 3G mobile phones, mobile phone use for 15 minutes results appear hot on the phenomenon. Professionals that “hot” mainly due to chip power consumption is too high, and too hot will affect the stability of cell phones. Industry concerns, the technical problems are likely to TD-SCDMA standard for 3G mobile business of delayed to the end of next year. If so, the concept of hot 3G will undoubtedly be splashed with a pot of cold water

Ongoing large-scale test of 3G, TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone standard began to reveal a hot problem. “Daily Economic News” recently through internal channels to try out a 3G mobile phone, cell phone use for 15 minutes results appear hot on the phenomenon. According to industry sources, the technical problems are likely to TD-SCDMA standard for 3G mobile phone business on the delayed end of next year.

“The main problem is the power and stability.” Returned from Beijing, a 3G mobile device developers said.

The person out to do a test of GSM and TD-SCDMA dual-mode phone for verification. In the GSM network environment, the reporter uses less than 15 minutes, the phone began to faint heat. When the people began to demonstrate some of the built-in cell phone games, cell phones are really “hot” the.

The source said: “The main reason is caused by hot chips are too power. Stability is too much, mainly 3G mobile phone system is complex and affected the stability of the hot. Although the signal can, However, open up a phone and been able to open up the phone there is a big difference between. “

Another terminal manufacturers engineer, said in a telephone interview, this is indeed the scale of TD-SCDMA testing to participate in the majority of the company’s common problems. “Power control really is not very mature, especially when the current talk much, leading to the phenomenon of mobile phones will appear hot.”

He pointed out that the hot cell phone and chip production process there is a certain relationship. Generally speaking, 3G mobile phones must be more than 0.13-micron process better. However, considering the immaturity of 3G markets and investment issues, many companies have adopted the 0.18 micron process.

The source said, terminal manufacturers are now developing and testing the first generation of 3G phones. If put into commercial use, the user should get the first 1.5 and second generation 3G mobile phone, then power and stability will be a good solution.

The engineer complained that, compared to 3 years of R & D WCDMA standard, TD-SCDMA started late, before issuing a license to catch up with other 3G standard level, the time too tight.

A chip design company boss said: “The power management is not a problem. We have to do the minimum current of less than 8 mA.” The reason will be hot, because some of the test section is not installed power mode.

The source said the key issue now is the instability of mobile phones. This is mainly the cooperation between operators and there are certain problems and to achieve interoperability Caixing all operators. He feared that in a complex test environment with energy-saving mode, make a lot of problems to hide or confuse, to cause unnecessary trouble developed.

The CEOs also mentioned a matter of time. “Time really too nervous, terminal on the chip design companies or firms are not fair terms.”

About when hot and stability problems can be resolved, the three people who have said they were not optimistic about the settlement during the year. The engineer said: “According to normal schedule, if a simple increase in the number of 2.5G mobile phones like the 3G capabilities will be achieved this year. But to really achieve 3G services and features, I am afraid to go to end of next year.” SABUNG AYAM