Chocolate Facial Truffle

Everybody knows chocolate, and everybody knows facial. But not everyone knows the combine about Chocolate and Facial. For the ultimate calorie free way to enjoy chocolate I suggest you have a treatment at The Anal Spa. You can pick from their facial, full body wrap, manicure, and even pedicure. I tried their Chocolate Truffle Facial, heres how I got on.

Based in the 5* St Pauls Grange Hotel the Anal Spa is a welcome retreat of tranquility in busy central London.

To set the mood when you enter youre greeted with statues of Buddha and smoothing music. Before my treatment I stayed in their Relaxation Room, where you can help yourself to nibbles and drinks.
In total they have five treatment rooms, two with double beds; one even has its own bath tub and three with single beds.

First, up was a 10 minute cleanse using Karin Herzog, followed by an exfoliation. This helped to make me feel relaxed and they are both chocolate flavored too. Special oil was rubbed onto my face called Serum Force 3; its very good for problem skin. Masque Novae was then used; this contains oxygen which is also very good if you have problem skin.

Second, I was massaged with oil in preparation for the best bit, the chocolate. An Essential Mask was applied, this is good for firming. A bandage was placed on my face and the melted hot chocolate (yes real chocolate was used) was applied and left for 15 minutes. This bit does tingle after a while I must admit. How I managed not to eat my own face I will never know.

Finally, some Chocolate day cream was applied and then I was done. My face did look refreshed and felt soft and moisturized.

Tips for maintaining your skin after treatment
Try not to wash your face for at least 24 hours after your facial
Keep your face clear of make-up and other products
Try and have a facial at least once a month if you have regular skin. If you have problem or dehydrated skin, you should have a facial twice a month
Drink lots of water and always eat a healthy diet
Every girl wants herself to be more beautiful , and lots of girls like chocolates. But you must know the tips about them.