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Last year with prices soaring copper materials, the prices of air conditioning for two consecutive years, “daily limit.” Air conditioner market in 2007 just “opened”, steel prices, the manufacturer stocks more than 1,000 million and other good news, air conditioning prices, “daily limit” overwhelming. Air-conditioning market in Chongqing for the particularity of this year, Suning, Gome have invariably adopted a “special + service” means air-conditioning sales this quarter double convoy.

Suning set off the revolution in 2007 air conditioning

Week 3, Chongqing Suning more than 10 air-conditioned factory jointly held a “new model of the new situation and new trends” as the theme of air-conditioned trend Release & sell well in the snow. Suning Appliance at the head of air-conditioning business that, despite the many factors that determine the price drop this year, the inevitable tendency of air-conditioning, but the brand manufacturers to adjust, increase consumer awareness of environmentally friendly fashion, and multi-channel competition factors still determine a “stylish, energy saving, health, practical “four excellent new air conditioning will once again lead 07 air conditioner market.

Strong Sales during the event (this weekend to April 30) 30 balance Suning exclusive special offers custom models will gradually enter the market. Kelon which will hang large 1P single-cold ultra-low Sharu 1499 yuan market. , Hisense DC inverter air conditioner in the 77 series to sponsor the machine into Suning stores exclusive, the United States of Q3 were presented a series of warm and cold Guiji hook; with healthy negative ions, the latest features such as smart air 07 new Haier HG (F ) series will serve as the exclusive underwriter machine Suning IPO, ahead of close contact with consumers.

The same time, Suning Appliance has established three funds for the new model price cuts escort: 1000000 Union funds to open up a new model home appliance sales (Suning will be shared with the days of ancient decorative advantages of both services, all purchases over a certain amount of Suning in Chongqing, a maximum management fees can enjoy the decoration 5 discount); 2 million fund directed Kanjia price “unrealistically high” bottom line; 4.5 million after-sale service fund guarantee worry-free air conditioning (07 Suning new “air-conditioning the Golden Flower” is also a comprehensive service program launched to provide 24-hour “008-365-365” hotline service).

States United States 15 billion supply of large single open

Air conditioning market in response to this year, Gome funds invested 15 billion purchasing popular sources, the brand manufacturers buy the majority of 30%? 60% of the production scale, the underwriting this year, selling 60% of air-conditioning market mainstream models and new, with adequate Dominate the market supply of air conditioning this year. States United States person in charge, air-conditioning market in Chongqing at the weekend officially started, “this week the country 15 billion purchase of cheap air conditioning and large unit will be arriving in Chongqing, open the supply to consumers.” Weekend Haier, Midea, Hisense, Kelon , Zhi Gao, Glanz, Changhong, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Oaks and many other air conditioning brands in the country the United States will be fully air-conditioned square appearance, special machines into three categories account for air-conditioning, underwriting products accounted for 3 percent, 07 new air-conditioning products accounted for 4 percent. Special low-end machine is no longer the same time, low-power models, but by the low, middle and high stall products of different composition, different products will meet the special needs of different consumers.

It is understood that the country last week, the U.S. purchase of more than a thousand special air-conditioning units have digested most of the country the United States this week will focus on the arrival 1P, 1.5P 2P special air conditioning and more than 2,000 units, 1P air conditioning prices will fall below 1,400 yuan, 1.5 air conditioning prices below P 1,800 yuan. In addition, abundant market supply, the country will this week launch a large number of U.S. special 1P, 1.5P windows machine air conditioning, to meet the rent, workers and other needs of different consumer groups.

In services, countries the United States to install air-conditioning will carry out delivery of integration projects, and strive to deliver complete installation of synchronization, the services were in the end. In addition, consumers buy gold for a certain amount of air conditioning service bonus Gold also can enjoy the full F, relocation, maintenance and other value-added services.

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