Choosing A Suit For A Large Person

In many official and visible social gatherings, it is expected that the guests will dress to kill. This compels guests to have the best in their wardrobes or know what to go for when leasing or shopping for one.

However most stores only stock clothings for average sized people.

Taller and bigger men are forced to turn to their tailors who have to custom make them suits for people of their size. It is essential that you don’t go buying a suit that won’t fit because that is what is available. The tips below may assist you to choose the best suit.

1. Size is important

Most men do not know how to take their measurements properly and will end up disillusioned when the cloth is ready. When talking chest measurements, you should never hold your breath. Ensure you are in a relaxed state. The measuring tape should be wrapped across the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and below the shoulder blades.

To take sleeve measurements, rest your arm on your hip and stretch out the arm 90 degrees to the shoulder. The tape should go from the middle of the back of the neck to the elbow. Assess the arm by starting the tape from the neck down to the wrist following the outer side of the hand. For the trouser, measure around the waist on the area where the belt normally rests.

Then for the inseam measure from the the waist to the ankle. The final measurement is the neck. Measure around the area of the Adam’s apple and leave a little room for comfort for example by putting one finger inside the measuring tape.

2. Blazers

Blazer styles change rather frequently, but comfort is king. So always choose the one that fits best. A 2-button blazer with one undone is very standard, but option should be based on ones own liking.

The blazer should go to the hips in a straight line, you should be able to button up while not struggling. Try doing regular movements like sitting, standing and bending to make sure that no seams will be pulled apart after departing the tailor’s shop.

3. Slacks

Trouser pleats should fit comfortably all the way down without any pull on the sides, or else you should go for a larger fit. But some men find that trousers without pleats provide a better fit. If this is the case then you should go for it.

The trouser should fit perfectly on the waist especially if you are a man with a lot of weight on the stomach region. The kind of shoes you are wearing may determine the way the pleats lie. So measurement’s should take that into consideration.

Using these guidelines will help you choose the best fitting clothes and enable you look as good as the averaged sized person who gets good suits from ordinary stores without any trouble. SABUNG AYAM