Choosing Between A Smartphone or a Laptop

Carrying around numerous devices is not only expensive but bulky. Phones have become so sophisticated these days that they are not only called smartphones but they are really mini computers. So what are some considerations you might take when weighing out whether to purchase a smartphone or laptop? Consider the following:

1.  Make a list of all the ways you use a laptop to determine whether your smartphone could replace it. Are you using your laptop to type a lot? That is, typing, as in large documents, not just emails or comments on Facebook. Of course they make keyboards for smartphones, so even the idea of typing large documents doesn’t have to be a smartphone deterrent. The downside is the size of the screen. If you are typing a lot and re-reading your materials, you may face eyestrain with a smartphone.

2. How much storage do you need? Some people store moderate amounts of information and others download everything under the sun. Photos and video can take up a lot of storage, which in such cases you would want a laptop. Laptops also have numerous ports if you are looking to plug in cameras or camcorders to download pictures and video.

3. Internet connection is another consideration. Many smartphones have Internet connection, while in having a laptop you have to pay for an Internet plan. While you have to pay for data on your cell phone plan too, you may find that it would be something you already want, so why not get full use out of it.

4. Where will you use your device? Laptops and smartphones are both portable, but obviously a smartphone is the most portable and convenient. If you find yourself doing most of your work at a desk with only minimal amounts of time away from it, then the laptop makes more sense.

5. What type of software are you using? If you are a business professional who needs to put together large documents, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, etc – then of course it makes sense to have a larger screen and thus a laptop.

6. Are you mostly browsing the Internet? If you are somebody who spends most of their time online, whether it is reading the news, contacting others, playing on Facebook or checking the stock market, then the smartphone may be the way to go. While a laptop screen makes it easier to see, a smartphone may be cheaper and much more convenient. With today’s sophistication in software such as Android, you can surf the Internet with the same results as with a laptop.

7. Watching Movies? If you are somebody who watches a lot of video, whether it be movies, Netflix, YouTube or whatnot, then going with a laptop would be the better decision. Obviously a laptop is easier to view and can play DVDS, Blu-ray  and such. You will also have better speakers and nicer resolution. Many smartphones aren’t made for video either, only small clips.

8. Playing Games? Portable gaming kills a lot of time when a person is waiting around – whether in public or at home. The convenience of pulling out your smartphone to waste some time playing games is certainly much easier than pulling out a laptop. The types of online games you play will determine which device to have though. Games that require heavy graphics and visuals, should of course should be played on a laptop. Even with this said, choose a laptop that is made for gaming.  Among the smartphones, the iPhone has been leading the pack in game varieties with Android phones second and Blackberry way in the back.

The decision on which device to choose may be difficult. If you can afford it, owning both gives you the best of both worlds. But if you can’t, weigh out your needs with the above criteria before committing.

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