Choosing The Right Chicken House Plans For Your Backyard

Building a safe enclosure for chickens is great fun and is especially so if you are doing so the first time. Raising chickens is quite the unique and endearing experience. However, making sure you construct a place that is indeed safe and provides adequate protection from the elements means you will need to follow the best chicken coop plans.

Lots of people do not want the old fashioned farm enclosure for chickens in their yard. Those residents in a big suburban neighborhood might consider the decorative designs available for the enclosure needed or raising chickens. Some of the designs are interesting and have a rustic look to them while others favor the neat outdoor shed.

The most important reason to have a place for your chickens is for their safety. Many animals like dogs and raccoons love to eat chickens and making sure this does happen to your brood can be done by building a strong place of safety. Choose to use steel meshing for the wire instead of traditional wiring fencing used for chickens. A large dog can indeed get through the traditional type if he wants to badly enough.

Most people keeping chickens do so for eggs. Building nesting boxes is vital for this to happen. You should be sure to place these boxes in a way that provides easy access for you during gathering. Many people have them attached to the outer walls and have a roof over them that is also a door to open. This is a great way to easily reach in and get eggs without going inside the enclosure.

Laying the foundation is important to help keep predators from digging under neath the wire and to maintain the longevity of the building. Concrete steeping stones buried underneath the ground on the perimeters of the initial framework is advised. Placing another row of stones on top of the ones underground is important as well before placing frame directly on them.

Keep weather in mind when you are building the enclosure your chickens. Make sure you have an adequate place for them to stay warm. This area should also be in a way that allow blowing winds and precipitations to stay out as well.
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