Citizenship Test – Get All the Answers Instantly

A Canadian citizenship test is made up of a number of categories but the most important ones that Citizenship Canada wants you to know are the following.

1. Federal Government
2. Rights and responsibilities

The other categories are; Aboriginal People, History, Government / Confederation, Language, Symbol, Geography and Economy.

Do not get me wrong; though the emphasis is placed on these two categories, you must know the other categories as well. This is a requirement because if you do not know all the categories you will fail. Questions are formulated from each category which adds up to about 130 questions and a total of 20 questions are selected at random to test you.

Citizenship Canada requires that you know all the answers. This is not an easy feat given that they only provide you with a booklet for you to read. However, the good news is, there are aids available to help you pass the citizenship test. After all, this is an important day so why not be fully prepared and be a Canadian citizen the first time round.

The aids to which I referred to are quizzes or practice tests which are available to you and would help you with the test. These tools cover all the categories and capture all the question and answers. They can also be computer programs that can run on your laptops or PC. These are good simulations which mimic the identical test.

Not long ago I met a friend who told me that his dad who just passed his 53th birthday practiced the citizenship test on a computer and passed it. An old timer using modern technology and became a Canadian. Remarkable.

The day you become a Canadian citizen should be an important day in your life. Learn all the categories, master all the questions and answers and if you have to get a practice test to help you by all means do so as they are proven to be quite useful and helpful.