Classy And Stylish Totes

It is winter or summer; totes are must on a woman’s shoulder if she is out on roads. Tote has lot of advantages, to be carried like one’s baby where ever one goes. Women believe whatever that goes into a tote is all needed and will be used in a day. There were times when people would be very particular about the styles and would carry a thing or dress up according the times. Presently, whatever one decides to wear or carry becomes the fashion to them. And if somebody wants to follow that they can.

Tote is one such classy object, with which people would love to experiment with their own styles. Some carry a beautiful small but cute retro style tote, and some buy a big all-in-one spacious type. But tote suits every occasion if it is matched with the outfit worn. What goes inside the tote is very diverse from person to person and place to place. One can not imagine objects that can go inside a tote.

When one chooses a tote, first of all it should match the occasion and the outfit. Outfit is of course matched by the occasion. Tote comes in all sizes and shapes. There are bigger ones which come with a beautiful canvas and painting, or it could be made of jute in vibrant colors. The cloths with different textures and motifs are also used. The leather totes are best used for dry weather and long lasting if maintained well. This gives completely formal look. There are smaller totes that are used for occasions like marriages and ceremonies when one is dressed chick. Smaller ones are mostly made of nylons and heavily embellished which can be carried like a pouch in the hand too. Occasionally one can use totes made of shimmering material to get the jazzed up look. Custom made totes are slowly catching up these days.

There are companies and some organizations uses totes for promoting a cause like for saving animals, earthquake relief or for children organizations etc. Buying totes for a cause is the best way to get introduced oneself with this useful stuff. Here, mostly, these totes would be made with recycled materials and there will be a cause message which one can pass around the world. And by buying one such popular totes, one is also helping a cause that can sometimes either educate a child, or save a girl or save animals.
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Anthony Lamarr- Meghan Rose- Mike Droho- Compass Rose- Beth Kille- Travis Agnew- Shawndell Marks
Join songwriters Anthony Lamarr, Meghan Rose, Mike Droho, Beth Kille, Travis Agnew, and Shawndell Marks for an intimate night of songs and storytelling at Crescendo Espresso + Music Café. This will be the final Songwriters Circle, so you definitely don't want to miss this event!! Friday, June 30, 2017 9:00 pm Songwriters Circle Crescendo Espresso + Music Café 1825 Monroe Street Madison, WI 53711 ANTHONY LAMARR introspective, faith-based R&B full of honesty and personal reflection. Dancing between gratitude and trepidation, Lamarr is relatable as he deals with themes like love, ambition and happiness. MEGHAN ROSE alternative piano and guitar songs about toxic relationships, dark places, obsessions, power, and self-reliance. Sounds like Courtney Love meets Fiona Apple. BETH KILLE is an award-winning performing songwriter, audio engineer/producer, songwriting instructor, Executive Producer of the Madison Area Music Association Awards, host of Madison's Chick Singer Night, co-founder of Flannel Fest, Music Director for Girls & Ladies Rock Camp Madison and a mom. One of her life goals is to inspire all those around her to embrace their creativity. TRAVIS AGNEW mixes a wide variety of flavors and sounds into his music. Alt. Country, folk, rock, reggae and blues. Passionate songs with energy and grit, that wrestle with brokenness, love and forgiveness. You might catch a bit of music comedy as well, loosen up and have a little fun! SHAWNDELL MARKS singer, songwriter, pianist. Vocal stylings sound a little like Norah Jones and a little like Stevie Nicks. She loves to teach kids about music and sing for you.