Cleveland HiBore XLS Fairway Wood Review

Cleveland Golf has taken the distance driven geometry that it’s used in its series of drivers and brought it into the Cleveland Hibore XLS fairway wood as well. That involves moving the discretionary weight to the lower part of the back of the clubhead, optimizing the center of gravity and increasing ball speed and distance. Its clubhead is 24% larger than the original HiBORE woods, and the clubface itself is 19% bigger, increasing the MOI and the size of the sweet spot.



I never thought I would be playing Hibores. Always felt the scooped crown was odd and ugly. When I saw a Hibore wood at a golf shop, I was surprised at the attractiveness of the actual club. Shortly after, I purchased an XLS 3 wood. The Cleveland HiBore XLS is a very solid and has horsepower. Carpenter steel face is very hot and the feel at impact is amazing. The sound is a satisfying low thwack. Very forgiving, and the large head inspires confidence. Classy matte finish and the overall appearance are surprisingly tasteful. You have to try it to be convinced.


The HiBORE XLS Fairway Wood is loaded with design features that optimize conditions for your best possible shot. Crown plaque and “stability foil” dual-alignment features make it easy to properly align the club at address. Distance Driven Geometry aligns gravity with the face’s Hot Spot for your most powerful and accurate hit possible and greater overall distance. The wood’s Energy Transfer Core transfers the energy of your swing efficiently for higher ball speeds that translate into greater distance off the tee. With Full Face Performance, the sweet spot and C.O.R. Hot Spot align for improved launch conditions over a greater area of the face for optimal forgiveness and maximized ball speed.

The latest addition to Cleveland Golf‘s legendary series of HiBore clubs, the Cleveland Hibore XLS fairway wood is good enough to be the primary club from both the tee and the fairway.



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