Clever Creams For Getting Rid of Dry Skin

Choosing the best skin care for you can be a confusing process. The numerous topical creams for dry skin available in the market all seem to make the same promises. Meanwhile, most individuals are faced with this problem in different areas of the body. But having dry or itchy symptoms on the face is of real concern.

Unhealthy facial skin can also have other side effects. The good news is that there are creams for getting rid of dry skin and for promoting a much healthier one. One of the most effective treatments will contain moisturizing ingredients that will increase hydration.

In particular, natural topical creams for dry skin typically contain Manuka honey, and avocado and macadamia oils. These natural ingredients can easily achieve penetration once they are applied and start to bring back the moisture and luster.

On the other hand, even if the creams for getting rid of dry skin are made from natural ingredients, it is not a guarantee that they will work well in the long run. In the case of natural oils, prolonged use and subsequent stoppage can result in an increase that is worst than before.

One of these plant-based oils found in natural topical creams is mineral oil. During the initial applications, mineral oil can prove to increase hydration and make it look smooth and glowing with health. After sometime however, dependency for the ingredient develops that when the individual stops using it, the skin reacts by becoming severely dry.

Aside from this, some mineral oils have not been proven to be safe enough for everyone to use. Consequently, those who have any sort of sensitivity may end up having red and itchy spots, blemishes, and irritation. Some oils clog the pores and cause flare-ups, and develop facial acne. It would be helpful to take an assessment and see which ones will be best for your skin type.

Consider an ingredient called phytessence wakame. Phytessence wakame is a type of regional kelp abundant in the Japanese Sea. It has been found to work well with dry skin areas in the arms, hands, back, and other parts of the body. Phytessence wakame is the secret ingredient that is used by Japanese women that produces their soft, youthful, smooth, flawless, and beautiful skin Not many individuals outside of Japan are aware of this.

Furthermore, Cynergy TK™ is also an effective ingredient found in quality creams for getting rid of dry skin Some research results revealed that after only 18 days, skin moisture retention has improved to 14%.

These are ingredients to watch out for among the many natural topical creams for dry skin that is available in the market today. Education is important for such critical decisions that you have to make about skin care. More of these ingredients are discussed on my website.