Coastal Clothing Company Representation “recruitment Difficulties” Into The Key Industrial

Returning from study in China Zhejiang Garment Association Executive Vice President Jiang Heng Jie, China in 2010 before Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC) news conference, said the financial crisis, trade show V-shaped recovery in the rebound to make the Expo booth early line of the end of 2009 will be full, participating companies can be described as a place hard to find.
“As the development of the industry ‘barometer’, CHIC2010 trend reflects the rise of China’s garment industry has a full recovery.” Jiang Hengjie sounded festive, it is also feeling I had just seen in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal city scene – clothing companies’ recruitment difficult ‘.
Jiang Heng Jie said, now boss of clothing enterprises in Hangzhou has opened the wages of workers to 3,000 yuan, 500-800 yuan is no longer the year, in Hangzhou, and even 1,500 yuan has been that no one did. Even more interesting is that now there are many workers who are 80, 90 after the children, they come to work, first of all asked, “there is no air-conditioned quarters, there is no cable and the water heater?”, They are more willing to work overtime. “There are many private company owners have been aware of the problem, deal with the new generation of migrant workers who can no longer be the same as the older generation of workers. Leave before the end of the year, bosses Jiugen workers say, you come back early after the New Year, the family is willing to come out relatives and friends also brought, your salary can be up 10-20 percent. “Jiang Hengjie description is only natural when smiling:” Actually, this is because the export orders pick up after the boss has substantially increased. “
This year, with the steady rise of the economy, many garment enterprises, the rapid increase in orders, so “labor shortage” began to affect the relative concentration of garment manufacturing companies in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta. Some analysts believe that, on the surface, the economy pick up, pick-up orders is difficult to trigger the recruitment, but the fundamental reason behind the era of cheap labor is gone forever. And labor intensity is not proportional to the low wages of migrant workers more and more unattractive. Another insiders believe that the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas off the current “labor shortage” Part of the reason lies in Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang and other second-tier cities, construction of inland heat and fast economic growth.
China Textile Industry Association, Sun Rui Zhe, vice president, said, “recruitment is difficult to demonstrate the significant progress the industry and eliminate backward production capacity, gradual transformation and upgrading of the change. Low-tech, low value-added low-cost labor-intensive manufacturing has been inconsistent China’s current economic development situation. “
Sun Rui Zhe, said, “combined with the difficult employment situation of professionals, we are easy to find the answer to solve the problem. The whole industry needs to upgrade a large number of the introduction of high-end talent. The past, many companies ignore this point, that cost is too high, blindly move Many general industrial mass production of cheap products, puerile, do not have the sustainability and competitiveness. and to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, is a business, the labor market, job market, consumer market are favorable wise. ” SABUNG AYAM