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HC coating Network News: Complaint Source
Shushan Huaining Road and Huangshan Road, Intersection of Tahiti in residential communities to reflect Mr. Sun: There is a convergence of the residential west side of enterprise, every night until midnight and the emission of gases associated with acid pungent odor, severe pollution the surrounding environment and nearby residents whose lives have been greatly affected. Residential communities in the departments concerned have repeatedly, but the pollution has not improved, relevant departments are requested to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Hotline to handle In late March that the public had complained of such problems. Monitored in the environmental sector, the enterprises for corrections programs. 12345 Government Services Hotline received another complaint heard people once again referred to the high area of environmental protection departments, requires increased supervision and monitoring efforts will be put in place the rectification program.

‘s Survey Pregnant women were Xunde vomiting Mr. Sun, last year in the first half, they stay at Tahiti, a plot, just moved into new home and soon discovered the pollution problems of this enterprise. “One night, I smelt like Car Like the sour smell of exhaust, and later at a number of days can smell this odor. After about a production that is in the vicinity Paint And dyeing Additives Exhaust gas companies. “

Unpleasant situation of air pollution gases has continued to the present, Mr. Sun also reflects the times, but the problem has not improved.

“This smell usually concentrated in the night to early morning every day, rainy days, when more. Day basically no such smell.” Mr. Sun said the district had just moved into his house when the windows are often open. “Now we have always been closed, the windows at night because night is often woke up this odor. But is it still does not work, but also smell the odor.”

Mr. Sun said that his wife has been pregnant for months, about 3 o’clock every morning to the smell would be heard vomiting, “If this continues to go on, not only is the pregnant wife, including the I the health of residents within the district are also affected. “

“Now there is no way only can do is shut the window every day to minimize the pollution gases into the room.” Mr. Sun said.

Company said will not pollute the air
Noon yesterday, the reporter arrived at the Chilean Road High-tech Zone of the business day. In the plant area in a circle, the reporter found that the factory work in addition to piling up shop outside the white, blue barrel outside the raw materials, and not smell pungent flavor.

According to the company introduced a staff member, enterprises specialized pollution treatment station, gas leakage can not occur. “We live here, no taste, not to mention that the smell was.” In the journalists affected by nearby residents at night, he said, did not smell at night during the day.

He then revealed that high-tech area of environmental protection branch staff to their companies often detected, “If there are problems, environmental officials have long pointed out.” Notice has been issued a deadline for correction

High-tech Zone, a green branch

surnamed Yao staff said that this enterprise is a manufacturer of paints and printing and dyeing auxiliary enterprises, the company completed a construction project has passed environmental inspection. This year’s February 1, high-tech zones in Hefei City Environmental Protection Branch, together with other relevant environmental experts to monitor the detachment and the company conducted a comprehensive on-site monitoring. “The field monitoring showed that the odor of nearby residents that the phenomenon may be the company’s raw material handling and other enclosed areas are not in place and lead to dispersion caused by the smell of raw materials.” SABUNG AYAM