Cola Beverage Industry Gradually Into The Off-season The Two Giant Wave Of Expansion Way – Coke,

Beverage industry gradually into the off-season, but the two cola giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi has been continuously recent news. Coca-Cola last week launched a high profile in the fruit Milk drinks New products, the two music they have chosen to open plant last weekend, announced their development strategies and new market layout: a sights on non- Carbonated beverages A continuing development effort carbonated beverage market.

However, even more curious is that in overweight non-carbonated beverage Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola distraction with or without opportunity to seize the carbonated water market; the other hand, the full range of flowering time in the Coca-Cola, who is all drink Coke road block Taoist.

Pepsi soft drinks doomed bet Invest 600 million Coca-Cola Bottling of commercial production (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. officially opened last month soon. Coca-Cola Greater China president, said Dai Jiashun, this is by far the highest amount of Coca-Cola to invest in China, the world’s most advanced production equipment beverage without gas production base.

Two days later, PepsiCo Invested one billion yuan in Chengdu opened a new factory mainly produces Pepsi, seven-up, reaching such its U.S. soft drinks. Greater China president of Pepsi beverages, said Wen-Kai Lu, Chengdu Pepsi mark the completion of the development in the western region into a new era. Researcher at the Chinese food business

Peng Zhu Dan analysis in an interview that focused on traditional gas PepsiCo beverage market, Coca-Cola will probably by more attention to the timing of non-carbonated soft drinks side, to strengthen their beverage gas market share.

And Coke will focus shifted, the possibility to win Coca-Cola Pepsi carbonated beverage market is also a matter of concern.

Carbonated drinks in Europe and the United States market, now began a downward direction, but in recent years, carbonated beverages in Soft drinks Although still in the forefront, and its growth has lagged far behind the fruit juice and other non-carbonated beverage growth. Bureau of Statistics data show that 1-May, fruit and vegetable juice production growth rate reached 24.07%, output reached 4.7144 million tons; in May a single month more than 1 million tons, reaching 1.0214 million tons, an increase of 15.89%. And carbonated drinks increased by only 5.44%, yield 4,438,600 tons; May a single month to 963,300 tons, an increase of 12.12%.

In a number of industry opinion, because although Coca-Cola will shift the focus of future field of non-carbonated, but will not reduce the influence of its brand, Coca-Cola shift in focus, the Pepsi can in a short time to replace Coca-Cola’s carbonated drinks market, its products have maintained good development momentum, such as Zero, Sprite, etc., have maintained good sales growth. Coca-Cola and the transfer of the focus does not mean that a market will give up carbonic acid, the corresponding Advertisement Promotion or will it continue.

Actually Pepsi has been made this year to force non-carbonated drinks market in the market of non-carbonated drinks, “fruit particle” and “Herbal Life” and other products were also launched.

Investment adviser in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that further if you want to catch up with Pepsi Cola, we must make great efforts in product development and other aspects, so as to ensure its leading position in the domestic market. Moreover, non-carbonated beverage industry is already the trend of future development, Pepsi would go a long way to its future development in China is extremely negative.

Only brand cola market advantage In the field of non-carbonated Coca-Cola is clearly onto the road, “Maid” brand holds the top market with low concentration of juice, some recent new products and markets are mainly centered on non-carbon drinks.

Non carbonated soft drinks in recent years, continued double-digit growth in the domestic and Coca-Cola business in China account for three percent. Dai Jiashun also shows that soft drinks in non-carbon ambition: To meet the rapid development of non-carbonated soft drinks market demand, the Coca-Cola and gradually improved the layout of non-carbonated soft drinks production. SABUNG AYAM