College Grants For Single Mothers – $10,000 Isn’t All You Could Get!

College grants for single mothers can help make the decision to go back to school a lot less painful.  Being a single mum can be difficult as you are solely responsible for your kids and finding extra cash can be hard.  Knowing you need to return to school to get a better job is one thing, paying for it is quite another. But the good news is that there is help out there if you know where to look.

Tax deductions

If you are already filing tax returns you may be entitled to claim certain expenses as deductions.  This would include things like the cost of the tuition, books etc. There is a limit to how much you can claim which will depend on your personal circumstances.  Some people have claimed up to $ 4,000.  Talk to whomever prepares your tax return to find out more. If you do it yourself have a look at the IRS website for further help and information.

Federal Pell Grants

People often knock these grants and yes they are low but they are non repayable meaning that you never have to pay these schoalrships for moms.  While they may not cover the cost of the full course, they will help to reduce your expenses and that is a good thing.  The amount you can claim will depend on:

Your personal circumstances
Whether you are attending college full time or part time
Whether the course is approved by this program

American Opportunity Credit

This is a modified version of the Hope Credit and well worth looking into as you could get up to $ 2,500 in credit assuming you pay taxes. If you pay no taxes you could qualify for up to $ 1,000. Why not ask and see if your personal circumstances make you eligible?

Lifetime Learning Credit

It is amazing how few people claim this credit especially as it can be used to fund courses that improve job skills even if it is a short course and not just college tuition.  You could get up to $ 4,000 if you live in certain areas but most people who are eligible will be awarded $ 2,000.  Still it is better in your pocket than someone else’s right?

So at the very least you should find out more on the above options and see if you qualify for any or all of the above.


I have done some research and found these easy scholarships opportunities for you. Now go get that education you deserve!

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