Comments: channel too is the cancer of Chinese home appliance industry

Always wanted to sell large and medium

First point inside it, today the acquisition of large and medium spread the news of Suning in fact is not surprising to me, in the previous period of time (about 2 years) and household appliances channels (Su Ning,
States United States
) And chat with some friends when we have been saying, medium and large to sell, because the son of Da do not want to take.

Are just looking for a
However, the basic medium and large shop in Beijing, China in Beijing Dazhong and competition between the United States is the most intense, it is estimated there were a lot of friction before, so that although the U.S. is to buy large and medium, but do not want large and medium sold to countries the United States.

Suning has been to buy

Air conditioning
Suning industry started out as a successful listing, make Suning become the only country strong and competitive U.S. home appliance channel, but in this competition, Suning has not prevail (especially flat in recent years
Industry after the rise of China to sell U.S. tradition
Advantage is even more obvious). Suning in the major cities (apart from Nanjing) GOME stores are a lot of difference, believes the acquisition to increase the strength of Suning in Beijing will be a lot of good.

Suning + States United States = 30%

Channel capacity of China’s home appliance exactly how, I believe all the people present can not determine, Suning and Gome, the two strongest channels across the country add up to national appliance sales currently account for only 30%. So BESTbuy will come in, so many foreign enterprises eyeing the domestic industry. But now first-line second-tier cities is already saturated, three-, four lines cut into the city do not know how. This will be new opportunities? Do not know

Appliance industry channels why so strong?

Probably for three reasons, 1, channel store has many samples and the current user experience is like shopping. Gome said that the prototype is currently occupied by the channel inside the funds as much as 1.1 billion.

2, multi-channel store, Suning friends and I say joke, “Our shop is more than the
The number of open. “Numerous shopping store allows users to raise a lot of convenience.

3, campaign, Gome and Suning’s friends had told me through into the current City Newspapers
30% of pages to Suning, Gome Home Appliances channels such as buyout, in the pages of the weekend even buy up to 50%. Such a strong campaign to ensure a sufficient passenger appliance channel.

Channel too is the cancer of Chinese home appliance industry

Channel strong s good? The fact of the matter do not ask me, ask those domestic brands and joint venture brands of appliances veterans. Channel is too strong, resulting in a large number of sales channels for control to be. Let us not forget the role of channels is only fitting shop, providing publicity and sales that sort of thing all the home appliances business to send their own promoters stationed in sales (some sources even said appliance, and now they are the core of what is erp system, and prototype.). Said store position, the relationship between manufacturers on the major channels and better your relationship, give a good position, so sell more. If the relationship is poor, fees collected into the store location does not give a good price then the appliance business into a large advertising spend would naught.

Current channels for home appliances
Who is not a good thing, let us consider the lot in such a busy store. Must have all cost is very high. These costs are sure to be passed on to consumers. And the current appliance stores sales channels, the quality of the vast number of consumers are also caused much harm.

I like is similar to the BESTbuy sales model, accounting for the bulk of the Internet, stores selling small things. bestbuy success in the United States because his prices are real low, and consumers will not be deceived in bestbuy, of course, household electrical appliance enterprises in the United States not to China, on the flat-panel TVs have more than a dozen of a product.

Hope that China’s home appliance channel will soon grow, not to the present case, the consumer will , technology, prices, consumers have been manufacturers after the first round!
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