Common Job Skills For Any Job

Would your current job skills be useful in your next job? Many people are left wondering this question as they see many of their peers lose their current positions and are unable to find new jobs. It is possible that there is a lack of demand in their particular field. However, it is also possible that they are not well equipped for any other jobs because they lack the common job skills. Do not wait for the bad news. Make sure you have these transferable job skills in your resume.

Writing skills – When’s the last time you wrote an essay or an article? If it has been forever, then you need to create something substantial for your resume. Write an article about your industry and post it on well received and viewed forum like EzineArticles. This can become something you use as a reference.

Sales – If you sold an exceptional number of products and services in a particular quarter or year, put that on your job skills. This skill would be very noticeable for any employer facing a slump in sales. Even if the products are not directly related to your industry, the job skill will still be favorable.

Customer service – Do you talk on the phone and deal with customer complaints? Explain how you resolved a customer’s concern by providing the right incentives or calming their nerves. Getting detailed is a good thing as long as the tactics were ethical. 

Interpersonal skills – If you worked in a group and had to get others to work with you using your interpersonal skills, then write down the project and your role in the matter. Having this skill will result in better professional results in formal and casual settings. It translates into, “the guy everyone gets along with.”

Communications skills – The ability to convey a technical message into layman terms is useful in any field. This is especially important for presentations when you have to pitch an idea in order to get a sale.