Compare Nokia 5030 and Samsung Guru E1100

There are so many similarities and differences between Nokia 5030 and Samsung Guru E1100 mobile handset. Though the sets is different in brand, there is also some similarities and differences. This comparison will help you select your expected handset. The Nokia 5030 is a cheap handset. You can get it in the market with many features. It has 108x 45 mm dimension and 15mm thick, so it is comfortable to hold and use. Its weight is only 82g like feather weight, but embedded with modern technology. It will give you all modern facilities. Samsung Guru E1100 also comes in the market with cheap price. With small budget the poor or lower middle class people can buy it easily. You will get lots of features in it. Its length is 105 mm and width is 44mm and 15.2 thicknesses with 70.2 g weight. So it is lighter than Nokia 5030. The Nokia 5030 offers 1.8 inches TFT color display and nice color reproduction. It has 65000 color display capabilities. In this handset you will get ring and vibration option alert. You can also download MP3 files or ring tone. In this hand, set you will also get radio key and audio jack, which help you handset connectivity. In the Samsung Guru E1100 you will get 65000 color displays like Nokia 5030. It has 128×128 pixel resolution. Its display type is CSTN and it has input type keypad. You will get all kinds of technology in it for your everyday life. In Nokia 5030 you will get FM radio facilities for your entertainment. It has also included several games to give extra flavor for your entertainment. It has nice flash light which you can use to make the way visible. You can easily keep 500 entries in your phone book. On the other hand, in Samsung Guru E1100 handset you will also get built in torch light, sodoku games and Indian calendar. In this handset you will get 200 entries in your phone books and you can keep 100 SMS in your storage. So, these entire features are same in both handsets. In the handset Nokia 5030 you will get eight MB internal memory, which is sufficient for your internal functionality. It will give you the last 20 dialed, received or miss called information. You will also get call recording facilities while you are talking with your friends. In Samsung Guru E1100 you will also get some features like Nokia 5030. It will give you call time limit alarm. It will help you prevent lengthy call. It gives the facilities how much you are spending for single call. So these differences and similarities will help a buyer select the best set.

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