Comprehensive Improvement Of Well-known Hazards, Be It E-waste – E-waste, Television, Refrigerator –

E-waste Harm to the environment is well known, but the recovery, management of electronic waste in the work are facing multiple difficulties. “Old

TV 50 yuan each, the old

Washing machine Each 30 per … … “walk in the streets, hawking their mobile recycling

Advertisement Everywhere. Experts call for waste

Home Appliances And other environmental hazards can not be produced by lightly pressing need for regulation of electronic waste, but also to all work together.

With economic development, cities will inevitably produce large amounts of electronic waste, including discarded appliances, discarded

Office Equipment , Waste Duplicator , Printer Consumables And so on. CPPCC Fujian Province, Xiamen, China Democratic National Construction Association Committee Advisor Huang Jianguo that these e-waste generation in urban environment new pressures, if not handled properly, will result in great damage to the environment. He said

TV , Computer , Mobile phones, Sound And other electronic products, lead, cadmium, mercury, polychlorinated

Ethylene Plastic Bromide Flame Retardant Large number of toxic and hazardous substances. Such as

Television Tube containing the explosive wastes, TV

Screen Mercury; cathode ray tube, Print Board The solder and plastic are all toxic substances; power

Refrigerator Of Refrigerants And Vesicant Can damage the ozone layer; and waste even more powerful computer, a computer needs more than 700 kinds of chemical raw materials, 50% or more harmful. Data shows that TV or computer

Monitor The cathode ray tube contains a lot of lead, and lead once seriously polluted water into the soil will eventually harm humans, plants and microorganisms, but also on children’s brain development has a dramatic effect. A drop of ink residue can contaminate 60 cubic meters of water, a

Toner Cartridge Can produce 100 grams of harmful dust into the environment.

Huang Jianguo said that at present these e-waste is still not more appropriate approach. Most of the hawkers were Chuanjiezouxiang buy good quality second-hand appliances point to be sold to small traders, slightly modified after finishing the vast inflow of low-income families in rural or urban, there is great

Security Hidden. Poor quality sold to small workshops, or through non-formal dismantling get old

Electrical components , Or by burning, crushing, dump, concentrated acid very original approach to extract precious metals, with the result

Waste Direct emissions, resulting in severe secondary pollution. Some of the direct mixed

Life Garbage, and this causes serious environmental pollution. There’s waste

Office supplies By hawkers recovery counterfeiting.

Huang Jianguo dispose of electronic waste that harm is too great. To do this, he called for legislation as soon as possible to complete the disposal of electronic products and recycling of “harmless”; production of electronic and electrical products as far as possible with non-or less toxic substances in Category 6 components, or manufacturing enterprises should pay the environmental fee ; while establishing large-scale e-waste recycling facility, specializing in e-waste. And now you can immediately do is to environmental protection system for the recovery center, set up e-waste recycling


; The same time, shopping centers and production enterprises should set up e-waste recycling. On this basis, the establishment of standard secondary market electrical and electronic products, electronic products, improve efficiency, conserve resources and reduce pollution. SABUNG AYAM