Confused: “possession Of The Black Side Of A Wash,” Department Of The Capacity In Which

4 18, “the first black state of a wash ~” alleged false propaganda of the news being reported, causing a high degree of attention to the business sector, after the inspection by the panel, the first state products were identified as “normal shampoo,” and was closed down. Similarly, “the first state event” has passed nearly two months, has a self-proclaimed “victims” of readers complained, Yangzhou is also the “first state” similar products?? “Hidden side of a black wash”, and it and the “first state” similar to the disease, the use of effective advertising is clearly incompatible with.

-Called “no harm” was badly exposed to the

According to complaints that late last month that he saw in Yangzhou “hidden side of a wash black” advertising, advertising that the “hidden side of a wash for five minutes you can make black hair into black hair, and no harm ingredients, all natural medicine … … “see the product” effect “of such a” good “, the complainant will be eager to, then buy the” hidden side of a black wash, “and use, but I did not expect there after use the head itch, hair loss, and so on.

According to its introduction, due to the practical effects of suspected products are back with advertising, he has access to query, do not search do not know the original so-called “no harmful ingredients” “possession of the black side of a wash,” was badly exposed However, there had been “carcinogenic substances”, which makes him very concerned about their health problems.

Manufacturers clear shampoo products Complaint, immediately launched an investigation. Survey found that “possession of the black side of a wash,” the general absence Cosmetic Shop there, mainly in pharmacy sales, product advertising is also very “magic”?? The product and its promotional materials, the reporter saw, “hidden side of a wash black” with “the world’s most cutting-edge of the SZ-HPL technology” “HPL black hair with a unique particle, made from the hair root to change the environment for the growth of hair and white hair does not grow back again, and the phenomenon of hair loss disappeared” … …

To further verify the situation of press advertising material provided in accordance with the number called the “hidden side of a black wash,” the advisory phone manufacturers. The phone, on the “hidden side of a black wash” the question whether it is hair dye, men clearly answered the phone said, “does not belong to hair dye, is a shampoo, pure natural Chinese medicine formula.” The man also told reporters that “possession of the black side of a wash,” the young man is better, but not instantly be able to heal, the changes need to come slowly, and 90% of young people are effective, and for older one effect is not very good. Experts do not know

magic ingredient mentioned in advertising Whether consumers do not “effect” or the product is really a problem? By logging onto the website of the Ministry of Health, the reporter had “the authority of inquiry.” However, in the type “hidden dark side of a wash,” promotional materials provided by the health administration of the product license number (special character makeup Wei (2007) No. 0780) after the press found that this number corresponds to the product of the “imperial court adopted hair Cream (Natural Black) “, the product category of” domestic hair cosmetics “; In addition, the Ministry of Health in the” Remarks “in the special instructions, as follows:” The Ministry of Health did not organize the alleged efficacy of this product review, the approval document is not as recognition of the alleged effectiveness of products. “

For “possession of a wash dark side” mentioned in the advertising magic “HPL black hair particles”, Yangzhou University and the local press to several experts in a multi-hospital consultation, experts said the results of respondents do not know “HPL” in the end is what, and for “hiding the black side of a wash,” appears on promotional materials, “the world’s most cutting-edge of the SZ-HPL technology”, experts are even more confused.

So, “Tibetan side of a black wash,” What line of the identity? SABUNG AYAM