Considering A New Plastic Surgery Procedure? Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Be The First

Hearing news of a breakthrough plastic surgery procedure can be tempting to try it for yourself but this is a mistake.

What often happens is that the media overhypes certain procedures but later follows it up with disappointment and maybe even stories of disastrous results.

When it comes to such operations you certainly do not want to be the first to try it until after it has been thoroughly tested.

Reasons to be wary of new procedures

One thing that you need to be wary of when it comes to plastic surgery operations is that there are no laws that govern these procedures. In fact, even a physician can advertise their services in a directory which is why you need to be especially picky when choosing a qualified surgeon.

The same can also be said of new procedures and devices which are promised to show great results.

Any new devices or materials that are not FDA approved are referred to be off-label use and you need to be especially wary of these as they could lead to deformity in the future. While this would be an extreme example the risks simply cannot be ignored.

Before you continue with a procedure it is absolutely vital that you go over the entire procedure, including all materials used, with the surgeon.

Some real life examples

A popular method of plastic surgery for breast enlargement was the use of liquid silicone injection. While initial results were favorable for those who underwent the operation, it later turned into a disaster as many eventually developed some type of deformity as a result.

The thing with plastic surgery is that you simply cannot ask for a refund or expect revision surgery to be the solution.

Yet another procedure was the use of carbon dioxide laser in the 1990s which was effective to tightening skin and reducing wrinkles in an effective manner.

The only problem was the common side effect of permanently pale skin that many of these individuals experienced. So it goes without saying that you should absolutely not be the first to try a new plastic surgery procedure. SABUNG AYAM