Controlling Anxiety is Possible

Anxiety is a feeling that all people experience from time to time. People become anxious over anything from what to prepare for supper to hearing the worse news possible. Anxiety is a double edged sword coupled with fear. When controlling anxiety it is often easier to approach when facing fears. Let’s say a phone call comes and it is a woman’s husband. He tells her that he is meeting with the boss before he comes home. He doesn’t know why. What emotion comes to mind? Fear is most likely. Fear of the unknown turns into anxiety. By the time the woman’s husband comes home she has turned into a very anxious person. As it turned out her husband had gotten the promotion he has waited for.

How could this situation have been controlled? The woman in the story could have worked on controlling anxiety when she got off the phone. Instead of jumping into fear about anything she could try to think of positives. Regardless of whether or not her husband had good news she could still be prepared with a calm environment. In this same calmness she could light some candles and play some soft music to help her to find her inner calm. Perhaps some deep breathing exercises would be in order. The point is that regardless of what people fear there is going to be something inevitable to deal with. It could be the best news or the worse news. Setting the scene to release what one can do nothing about – makes just about anything manageable.

Some people have a tendency to have anxiety attacks whenever something horrible happens. These attacks affect breathing and can even cause a visit to the emergency room. People who have anxiety attacks often have medication on hand to help get them to be more manageable. This type of medicine needs to be taken before a full-blown attack hits. As part of the plan for controlling anxiety is assessing what is going on, take the medication and then deal with the anxiety.

Taking a proactive approach will help to prevent matters from spiraling out of control. Looking for ways that naturally calm a person and practicing these activities help immensely. Keep creature comforts around. This could be a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or anything that is healthy and calming. Controlling anxiety is possible no matter what happens. Even if an effort brings the anxiety level down a little it is still control.