Cool Women’s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Fancy dress parties are an ever-popular choice of party and it’s never been easier to track down your perfect costume with various fancy dress shops popping up on the internet for you to choose from. There’s such a wide choice available now at the click of a mouse and if your party has a theme you can simply search for the costumes based on that theme.

For a more general fancy dress party however you may want a little help with ideas for your costume. Once you decide it is easy to find an outfit and any accessories you may need to complete the look such as wigs, shoes, face paints or masks. Costumes are usually grouped according to age and gender so it’s easy to search for women’s fancy dress costumes.

Many people look to history for inspiration and if you’ve ever wanted to be a queen well now’s your chance. Cleopatra makes a great choice if you want to try out a whole new look as does Maid Marion or Marie Antoinette, you could have lots of fun dressing up and acting like the leading lady! Or you could just pick a specific era and dress up like a Viking, a cavewoman or a 1920s Flapper girl.

Another popular choice of costume takes inspiration from the various legends and fairytales. Remember your favourite fairytale from childhood? Well now you have the perfect excuse to dress up as your most admired character. Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell? You can find a costume online for any of these heroines. Or why not choose to be your favourite super-heroine? You could enjoy an evening feeling superhuman dressed as Catwoman or Wonder Woman.

Another good theme to choose from is Film, TV and Cartoon; there really is a huge range of characters to choose from in this category. Fun choices include Moulin Rouge and Grease in the film category and Coronation Street and Baywatch from TV. Cartoon characters that make a good choice include Scooby Doo and any Disney cartoon heroine.

Another good theme to explore for your costume is the uniform category. There are all kinds of uniform fancy dress costumes for women from nun’s habits to flight crew attendants and everything else in between, if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a policewoman or a nurse this is your chance to try on the uniform.

Stars from pop and rock music make another good choice for fancy dress and here you can usually go to town on the wigs. Why not be rock chick Blondie for the night? Or Madonna with her famous conical bra? Perhaps you’d prefer to be Amy Winehouse complete with fake tattoo sleeves and messy beehive? Now’s your chance!
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