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India is flourishing with trade and business agreements with various countries, which are helping it, grow everyday. The corporate news and business current affairs are all the top stories of the day. Some of them are listed below:

* The Coimbatore state is not happy with the New Railway budgets. The commuters said there is nothing new about the new express train between Coimbatore and Tuticorin.Paodanur will continue beg the boarding point of kerala and Bangalore.

* Abdul Rehman Al-Rabiah, Chairman of Saudi Arabia, opened new options for business deals and agreements with India stating that both the countries have not used their mutual strength which would bring prosperity to both.

* Fortis health global healthcare has stated that it will increase its Australia based dental corporation holdings from 33% to 58.6%

* An exhibition will be held in Mumbai from March 2 onwards, exhibiting the water industry and taking on subjects like water pollution, drinking water, management techniques and so on.

* Business talks between India and Uruguay. India has extended a hand towards business agreements with Uruguay especially in fields of textile, information technology and automobile.

* Mr. Satish Babu, the president of Inapp, Has been appointed the new director of International Centre of free and open source software (ICFOSS).

* Indian Railway announced that it spends 42% of its income in wages. Railway in 2009-2010 has spent 42 paisa of every rupee they had earned on staff wages and allowances.

* A new wind power project of 5.25MW has been commenced in Madhya Pradesh, by Nakoda Limited, the polyester filament yarn company.

* On 28 February 2011, Pranab Mukherjee will deliver the longest budget speech.

* Domestic air fares might shoot to 14%, domestic hotel tariffs might shoot to 6% and even car rentals might increase.

* According to official figures India is the second largest source for international students in New Zealand after China

* An American Employee of Infosys has filed a complaint against Infosys for visa and tax fraud.

* India is still lagging behind in the performance of textile industry. Its global contribution is of 4.3 % while China’s is 28.3%

* India is working on accomplishing the goal of giving payments to Iran for its oil products and imported oil.

* The west Asia and North Africa countries was the biggest potential gem and jewelry exports from India, but the tension between Libya and middle east might hamper the growing business agreements between the two.

The corporate news, business agreements between the countries and current business affairs is important to study the economy of one’s country and analyze the market.

Chronicle Of Singapore (50 Years Of Headline News) 1959 – 2009

Chronicle Of Singapore (50 Years Of Headline News) 1959 – 2009