Cost Required To Improve The E-book Reader Enumerating Eight Bottleneck – E-book, Cost-effective –

Based on Electronic Paper technology, readers were seen for some time already, Sony, Amazon, and other companies have introduced electronic Hanwang (paper) reader. Advertisement , The electronic (on paper) book energy, not to hurt the eyes, large capacity, attracted everyone’s eye. As consumers use for some time before discovery, I and e (paper) book not only use it from 50 cm.

First, the electronic paper. Electronics (paper) book comes from its energy-saving features of screen technology, this electronic paper technology, power consumption is the same size screen TFT LCD screen (color) of one-thousandth. However, it seems can not have both energy and dazzling, this electronic paper screen obvious residual phenomenon?? Next page then you can vaguely see the screen before the visit. Also, the so-called “non-injured eye,” is canceled other LCD screen backlight?? To save, electronic (paper) book mostly no backlight?? In the dark the other light sources need to illuminate it.

Second, the handwriting, annotation capabilities. Both of these features is to read the auxiliary function, can provide greater convenience to read. However, in actual use, the handwriting recognition functionality is not high, the screen response and electromagnetic pen position errors are obvious. This shows that the electronic (paper) book on the use of handwriting technology not advanced enough (now touch and tablet technology phones have been able to achieve zero error, or even correct the error), so I rarely take notes in the above. Comments feature very useful, but too simple, and stroke color, thickness can not be changed, for taking notes is very convenient. Than one stroke to draw comment, I need some quick pattern to mark focus. Space between the document and it can not be adjusted, add annotations position into question, it can not go to the original cover. In addition, the screen can only use the magnetic induction response document only, in today’s popular touch screen, so that people understand the settings.

Third, large capacity and value-added services. I purchased the electronic (paper) book written more than 1,000 of the pre-installed, while 16 pre-installed genuine songs. This 1000 book is not all I need, in the value-added services, web site, I learned about the professional (journalism) is there a free download books, and the remaining four be paid download, but and TV Show particularly large number of simultaneous release of the novel, give me the impression that the electronic (paper) book position is not college students. I basically do not use music functions as mobile phones and MP4 can listen to music than electronic (paper) book much more convenient and good quality. We all know that the larger capacity memory card the slower read speed, electronic (paper) book if full of music, do not use up even more smoothly the.

Fourth, picture browsing function. As the restrictions on electronic paper, electronic (paper) book can not recognize PNG format picture perfect, more trouble is that some of the JPEG image will be slightly larger because of insufficient memory to open. Think again, how many people are willing to use the gray screen Figure it?

Fifth operation. Slow?? For electronic (paper), the operation of the impression the book can be summed up this word. Electronics (paper) book starts very slow speed and read speed, and even the menu options are delayed. Do not know whether to save the cost of using low-frequency processors reason.

A mainly electronic products to read, read, and features derived from the reading is not perfect, I started expanding music, picture browsing function is unwise. I would prefer not to accept a music, not the pictures and read and comment but powerful and fast electronic (paper) book, Do not let those tasteless take too many system resources functions. Now the device can read too much electronic documents?? Computers, mobile phones, MP4 players, etc. can be. And mobile phones and electronic (paper) book to support as much as the electronic document format. “People have, I have” no electronic (paper) book which path to take, “people have my spirit” is kingly.

Say that can make me willing to pay for the electronic (paper) book.
First, it requires intelligence, that requires a customized operating system support (with the media that the operating system used Windowsmobile6.5 electronic (paper) book coming soon), foreign intelligence electronic (paper) book has been high-volume market, such as the Amazon Kindle Series E (paper) book by Android operating system.

Second, read the powerful, reading words per page, line spacing, fonts can be freely set, comments can be differences between the gray level and increased focus on a variety of fast symbol.

Third, to maintain “electronic paper” feature also supports touch technology, magnetic induction pen out of bondage and has controlled backlight.

Fourth, the use of high-performance CPU, in order to ensure the use of fluid.
Fifth, support Network Access to even the concept of direct access to Internet of Things (Hanwang upcoming technology to support mobile 3G and WIFI technology, the Internet, but none of the two national popular access technology). Now electronic (paper) books if the Bluetooth device is connected via a remote SIM card to get books through EDGE network and subscription information, which is electronic (paper) books and mobile phones via serial access network in order to obtain books, news and other literature on to meet the needs of most users.

Sixth, the price at 700 yuan, if the increase in optical character recognition (OCR) price can be around 1,500 yuan, so the text can be scanned into electronic paper (paper) book, quickly recorded a lot of literature.

Seventh, canceled pre-book. Binding Sell Is unfair to consumers, if you want to buy a MP4 player, 10,000 yuan on the grounds that it contained a 1000 genuine movie, would you buy it? Ideally: electronic document from libraries, bookstores, shopping malls supporting the freedom to customize their device needs books, as convenient as automatic teller machines. Of course, you can download from the Internet. These elements can be charged, but the same content should not exceed the price of paper publication 1 / 10.

Eighth, the use of color electronic paper. Color e-paper has been with the current production capacity, Bridgestone, HP and Philips have been involved.

If the electronic (paper) book to meet the above functions, it will definitely sell. But this is almost a Tablet PC, and only display is electronic paper?? Power, Environmental protection And cost savings. Electronics (paper) book will be from “high-tech gift” image into “fashion goods”, so that the best-selling true. SABUNG AYAM