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Buddha Jayanti to be celebrated across South East Asia on Might 4 amidst heightened security
Buddha Jayanti, also identified as Buddha Purnima, marks the birth of Lord Buddha. Celebrations include prayer meets, sermons and religious discourses, recitation of Buddhist scriptures, group meditation, processions and worship of the statue of Buddha. It is celebrated in a number of Buddhist communities across numerous nations. In India, the festivities are particularly grand in Bodh Gaya. The bomb blasts in Bodh Gaya by the Indian Mujahideen (IM) last year indicate that in addition to Hindu places of worship, the concentrate of Islamic fundamentalists has widened to other religions as properly. Terror modules may also appear to target other temples and locations of mass gatherings as this garners enormous media interest for them. Also, the influence may be compounded due to the potential of triggering a stampede. Grand celebrations are carried out in all Buddhist pilgrimages in India, like the Buddha Jayanti Park in Delhi. Indian Railways runs a unique Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Tourist Train that visits all Buddhist pilgrimage places in India. Tight security arrangements can be expected at all religious areas, markets and other crowded places to avert any untoward incident. Commuters are advised to count on targeted traffic curbs around major Buddhism dominated areas.
Anniversary of Mecca Masjid bombings in Hyderabad on May possibly 18
On May possibly 18, 2007, a powerful explosion occurred inside the well-known Mecca Masjid, a mosque in the old city location in Hyderabad, capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh situated really close to Charminar. The blast was brought on by a mobile-triggered pipe bomb placed near the Wuzukhana, a spot exactly where ablutions are performed. Two more reside IEDs had been discovered and defused by the police. Sixteen men and women had been reported dead in the instant aftermath, of whom five were killed in police firing as they tried to quell the mob. In 2011, the National Intelligence Agency arrested, and subsequently charge sheeted, Hindu fundamentalists for bombing the Masjid. Muslim fundamentalists have been threatening to avenge the blasts and Indian Mujahideen (IM) purportedly carried out the twin bombings in the city for the identical purpose. While the existing predicament is largely peaceful, political activists playing their battles on communal grounds may trigger some security incidents. Also, anti-national groups (terrorists, insurgents, separatists, fundamentalists and pro-Pakistani militants) could attempt fresh terror attacks. In Hyderabad, it is advisable to stay alert of your surroundings and travellers should carry ID to avoid any inconvenience throughout security checks which are also likely to be heightened.
Possibility of heat waves in northern India
In current years, numerous Indian cities, such as New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad have witnessed unusually higher temperatures and prolonged periods of excessively hot weather. This is specifically accurate in the northern and central area of India which knowledge continental-style torrid weather in the months in between April and July. The temperature usually breaches the 45°C mark and paired with humidity, it may lead to some ailments, peculiar to summers, like heat-exhaustion or even heatstroke. Heat-exhaustion occurs when the physique is not correctly hydrated. The most serious type of heat-exhaustion is heatstroke, wherein the human physique loses its capacity to regulate its internal temperature. Excessive environmental heat (hyperthermia) outcomes in the body creating, or absorbing much more heat than what is dissipated. This might outcome in a number of healthcare emergencies, which can turn life threatening in intense conditions. The symptoms are typically mild/singular in frequent heat illnesses, and improve in intensity as the condition deteriorates. Some of these contain high body temperature, sporadic perspiration and rapid heartbeat and quicker breathing. This could impact the body’s nervous method causing confusion, lack of coordination, fits (seizures), cramps, headache, vertigo/dizziness, anxiousness, speech incoherence, hallucination and/or unconsciousness. There are some simple preventive measures that these operating in hot climate are suggested to undertake consume a lot of liquids, avoid caffeinated drinks, wear cotton clothing and keep away from direct exposure to afternoon sun. In extreme instances, it is advised to seek immediate health-related focus.
Protests against Land Acquisition Bill could intensify
The BJP-proposed land acquisition bill has been witnessing massive street protests across India. Even though the protests have been centred in and around Delhi, the political capital of India, April showed indicators of similar agitations getting organised in some other states as well. The Bill developed to expedite land acquisition approach has been targeted by opposition parties as a political agenda, terming it to be anti-farmer. Most political parties, apart from the ruling BJP, have come forward in help of the protests. Grassroots political leaders have identified assistance in farmers’ groups and NGOs and have aggressively demonstrated on streets. The agitations are choosing up by the day, in numbers, frequency and volatility. Getting a highly emotive problem, there have been a number of instances of suicides, by farmers who feel that they are destined to be doomed when the controversial bill is passed in Parliament. Some farmer unions had not too long ago blocked railway tracks in Punjab, carried out rallies in Hyderabad and organised sit-ins in Rajasthan and Haryana. Meanwhile, the BJP has been strong in its stance of receiving the Bill approved and implemented at the earliest. The selection appears forward-looking, nevertheless, there are several underlying issues that may possibly need to have to be resolved. A lobby of land mafias may properly be expected to be queuing up to further their agenda as the new bill aims to reduce the function of middlemen in land acquisition by the government. The land mafia would like to preserve the status quo and can be anticipated to give behind-the-scenes help to these protests against the Land Acquisition Bill. This might turn the protests from a largely peaceful movement into violent anti-establishment street protests. It is advised to closely monitor the establishing scenario in Delhi as political parties across India can be anticipated to stick to the path that the protests take in Delhi.