Courage, No Guts War Of Words Compare The Old And New Drinking Fountains – Water Dispensers, Drink

Since the “99% of Drinking Toxic “since the news came out around the energy,

Health And so on; courage, no guts war of words between the Prolonged, consumers Ruzhui clouds. Now, household appliances press Qianlong by a comprehensive comparison of these two drinking fountains, drinking fountains hope that consumers know more about past lives, but also to look ahead at the future direction of development water dispenser.

Lazy thinker: courage required to clean, no guts more convenient
Health is a topic of concern to everyone, but in numerous city life, sometimes “lazy” philosophy but allows us to benefit a lot. How to how easy it is now the city’s philosophy of life.

Traditional use of heat lamps have the courage of drinking hot water heating system model. Courage liner drinking fountains there are usually about 1000 ml of water. People often been replaced

Bottled Water But ignore the fountains of the liner in the water, which will hide the pathogenic bacteria in water, over time, became the natural breeding ground for bacteria, water, various kinds of foreign bodies also. Therefore, the courage to use some time after drinking fountains must be cleaned

Disinfection . In addition, the technical design, there are other deficiencies such as: repeated hot water heating, water is not fresh, easy to scale, easy channeling temperature, etc., even after years of development, but there is no effective solution.

“Gutless that is heat and water dispenser” unique rapid heating system, eliminating the conventional hot water dispenser tank structure, change the traditional drinking water system to take water model, and its enclosed design to prevent water secondary pollution, not easy to create scale, to avoid repeated heating, output water quality can be more fresh and taste better, they have a certain extent and improve the quality of drinking water dispenser health status, but also more convenient to use.

Gelang Tai Theory: 1500 W VS 450 watt,
Saving 50% With Electricity shortage Highlight issues such as energy, we are faced with energy and sometimes we really want to learn Gelang Tai’s “energy saving” spirit. The power of traditional courage drinking less, about 450 watts or so. But the courage of drinking water in the heat lamps in the insulation and will result in energy consumption. Drinking water in order to maintain the state, with the temperature fluctuations, to be repeated heating, that is, when not in use, the courage of drinking fountains is still electricity, and heating energy consumption can also cause increased body scaling. To solve these problems, experts advise consumers courage dispenser when not in use, switch off the power.

No hot water dispenser bile 1500 watts of power, compared with more traditional drinking fountains, but it is taken by the system of hot water with the way it is a hot water heating unit of time is very short, not there is water in the heat lamps in the insulation caused by the phenomenon of energy to solve the scaling result of repeated heating and hot body

Energy consumption
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