CPUC Acts More Like Lapdog Than Watchdog Of PG&E

It is stuff that PG&ampE and the CPUC is hoping by no means gets wide distribution. They may possibly get their want provided television’s inability to get beyond sound bites and needing visuals and the brief consideration span of a lot of in the printed media.

The following bulletin points are taken verbatim from the report:

*1 “The NTSB’s findings to date identified both the material and the fabrication welds of the section of pipeline that failed did not meet either 1) the engineering consensus requirements applicable to organic gas pipelines at the time or two) the PG&ampE specifications in impact at the time of building.”

*two “The panel was mindful of the external criticism that has been leveled at PG&ampE. Although it was acknowledged the firm has numerous talented pros, the CPUC admitted it was less successful in dealing with PG&ampE than any other utilities due to the fact of the ‘culture’ of PG&ampE.”

*3 “Management’s focus in recent instances appears to have been focused on the occupational safety of its workers and lacking an equivalent focus on the public safety elements of its program.”

*4 “PG&ampE provided erroneous information because of a lack of 1) robust information and document data management systems to archive historical information and 2) processes to capture emerging information about the underground gas transmission line.”

*five “But the objectives (PG&ampE) sets for management compensation purposes, its investments, and its practices do not suggest its concentrate is on attaining an market leading pipeline safety and integrity program.”

6. “PG&ampE’s internal audit of its processes in 2010 identified in the field personnel were not adhering to the inspection policy for the duration of third-celebration building, but no training was undertaken to remediate the nonconformance. Additional, the firm lacks a clear, disciplined communication process in between field and general workplace engineering and in between gas transmission engineers and integrity management personnel.

*7 “To fail to inspect during major adjacent earth disturbance and then to analyze the impact of that earth disturbance following-the-truth are examples of the operator pushing its luck.”

*eight “PG&ampE has no general approach to enhance how it assesses the integrity of its program.”

*9 “In reviewing the pipeline 2020 plan, we did not find it to be properly-reasoned or based on a thoughtful examination of alternative. The plan seems to be reactive.”

*ten “PG&ampE’s management acknowledged to the panel that the implementation of field force automation is not as sophisticated as what other companies in the market have available.”

*11 “In early 2007, (PG&ampE’s) Enterprise Threat Management plan identified gas and electric technique security as one of the top 10 catastrophic dangers facing PG&ampE. … PG&ampE defined a major organic gas transmission accident as one that had any of the following consequences: monetary exposure from $ one hundred million to $ 500 million important injury, illness or environmental influence and/or national or international attention resulting in a severe damaging consequence to the company’s image or reputation with regulators, customers, or the general public.”

*12 “We would cite the following 5 aspects as contributing to a dysfunctional culture…. excessive levels of management… inconsistent presence of subject matter experience in management ranks… appearance-led method setting…. insularity … (and) overemphasis on financial functionality.”

In a nutshell the CPUC essentially lets PG&ampE do as it pleases due to the for-profit’s ‘culture’ by apparently holding San Francsico-based utility to a reduce regular than anybody else.

As for PG&ampE, image seems far more critical than safety. They also cry poor when it comes to spending funds on pipeline safety but they dumped:

*$ 46 million into the Proposition 16 campaign in a failed try to get voters to amend the California constitution to provide PG&ampE with a guaranteed monopoly.

*$ 35 million to sweeten departed chief executive officer Peter Darbee’s severance package.

*$ 12 million to buy a new corporate jet.

*more than $ 10 million into bonuses paid to top executives as a reward for steering them to the edge of bankruptcy.

That’s $ 103 million in just 4 instances that could have gone into enhancing pipeline security.

And that is on prime of a $ 35 million fine for state-imposed creating and collection violations, $ 26 million in fines for a 2009 Christmas Eve all-natural gas pipeline explosion that killed a customer in Rancho Cordova and millions more in fines for wild land fires started due to failing to maintain energy line correct-of-methods.

It is clear PG&ampE refuses to put the public’s interest very first and that the CPUC is inept at producing confident PG&ampE does not get reckless with its drive to place profit above public safety.

The time has come to pull the plug on the CPUC and/or PG&ampE and commence all over.
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