Crazy For Crazy contacts?-Then Wear It With The Right Makeup

Green or blue? Hazel or deep brown? After hours of brooding over the perfect color to match the steel gray one piece dress set of my sister we finally chose the hazel coloured contact lenses. My sister was excited about her prom night and she should be as every one of her age always feels special to look her best for prom night.

Times have far changed from Marlin Monroe to Madonna to today’s lady gaga era. History would have repeated itself with fashion in clothes but many other things as hairstyles or make up styles have been in continuous changes and up gradation. Those permed hair looks of 90’s do not go with today’s popular style of straight highlighted hair style. Back in 80’s if you would wear vampire contacts people would have given you peculiar looks but wear it today and you receive cool comments.

So why is that people are adopting these Halloween style contact lenses in their daily outings?

Is it just the contacts or something else?

Well of course you can’t deny the magic of trendsetter movie characters that is one reason. But is that simply wearing it would be enough to gather that attention you seek for wearing those creepy crazy lenses?

In my opinion contacts are the base but are defined well when worn with proper make up.

Recently the blood red lip colour from twilight movie fame is quite in demand to many branded cosmetics outlets. Not because it’s getting famous but because it could compliment your twilight contacts the best way. If you are a fan of this movie then you can’t forget the scene from the concluding part wherein the lead actress changed into a vampire but with her all new hot chick look. The skin fairer as frozen, those enlarged eye lashes, those cheek blushers, the golden smoky eye make up with thick mascara and of course going pretty well with those twilight new moon contacts. So now hardly you can move your eyes from her eyes and she altogether looked like a glamorous vampire.

The tip here is if you are planning to buy such lenses from some good shops online as colourvue then.

keeps the following in mind while touching those up with make up:

* Enhancing your eyes with makeup means keep the rest of the face makeup natural.
* Use contrast eye shadows to that of colour contacts.
* False eyelashes or liners with deep mascara would just give the right finish.

So what say girls? Let’s try and be Bella for one day
Sabung Ayam
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