Create a Company, A Life Choice

Author name: Mika Hamilton

Over the past twenty years, as at any other time we can remember, we have witnessed one or the other circumstances of interest man to write about this very particular human individual and complex. Business creation is not any activity course new man’s intention to survive, and even beyond to perpetuate. The first men who kicked him to life are without doubt our most distant history that legitimate right that every individual has to equip itself better life for him and yours.

Since the caveman, to the conqueror of peoples man generator and new civilizations, to the man of the industrial era and post – industrial, all of them has been an undeniable desire possess, collect, and from these, to influence others, on those you may also have the same desire and legitimate rights were not or have not been able to achieve or at least trying. This has been the standing dilemma on which he has toiled much of the existence man.

Create company is not a phenomenon of our times, always has been; through her entire societies have been consolidated, around it have articulated and strengthened political and economic models, it, the creation of companies, is part of the cultural heritage of many people, taken as a legitimate action intentional man to improve and progress.

Perhaps the novelty of the issue turns out to be, especially for the younger generation diversity of theoretical proposals generally come to us through of the various mass media. These messages sometimes come with a philosophical or even spiritual high, most academic times and a few epistemological account for desire, of man’s concern to find alternatives development for society.

Business creation is undoubtedly a development path economic and social for any community that claims to ponder the nitiative of its members. What is in question are the ways many of these individuals fail to capitalize on such initiatives, often to the interests of a few worse to the detriment of many. This is where lies the importance of discussing and reflecting all With relevance to entrepreneurship as a human activity in the service

The creative act in its universal design appears as a spontaneous, natural, but we know that there really is equipped with a lot of analysis, maturation, confrontation, waiting time until the extent of destruction involving mistakes and correct. To the act of creating anything can be thought of as something simple, easy, easy. Create in all orders of life is not only an act of unparalleled importance to man, but that has always served to mark boundaries between productive and unproductive, between authentic and false. Create is an act infinitely human, that enhances our being thinking, creative skills, which puts us above other species.

Create company over time has become an activity devoid in the vast majority of cases of those ingredients that should to place in a privileged position in the man’s actions in pursuit of welfare. We have witnessed in recent decades in our country’s level of degradation that has come around this way of life. Create company in Colombia has represented the “table of salvation” for many, where the problems that have given origin are as varied as the companies themselves that have been created.

We’ve been creating companies to get you out the way to unemployment, to cover high levels of incompetence, to save the life of another who is dying by poor administrative handling. Companies have been set to hide the dark source of money, to justify the dismissal and nonpayment of labor rights, many good workers, the list could be more extensive and worrisome.

When it comes to generating employment through strategies from private or public sector, is expressed unanimous desire they are not only fairly paid jobs, but actually meet organizational needs, allowing the person deal can make projections based on at least meet their requirements Basic life. This has been one of the battles that the union association in the country has advanced in recent years, ie if they are not generating enough jobs for all unemployed unless those who think they meet the expectations in quality of life who happen to be its beneficiaries.

If entrepreneurship is seen as a strategy to combat the scourge of unemployment, rather than becoming a solution should not become a major problem for the community. So as we talk about jobs healthy, there is also a metaphor to refer to viable firms. I.e. those that have been created as a result of an act entitled intentional mutual benefit and equality. For people who took that creation as a life option.

Business creation as a life option goes far In addition to preparing the Business Plan Search funding, contact friends and acquaintances to “accompany” in the adventure, the performance of an act of openness and sense the pronunciation in a maudlin speech of thanks to all those who collaborated with such “noble” cause.

Surely if this decision has not been subject to all reviews and confrontations about life expectancy, a true motivations, the ideal versus real life, strengths and weaknesses existence, vocations, tastes and preferences, among others. Al first bstacle or at the first arriving distracter, illusions have another perspective, that’s where that momentum. Then will come the second thoughts, why the accusations of I did not “see” this or that before the eternal excuses not be present where the responsibility of employers to be called and many other situations confusing and annoying, but totally predictable only if you stop to think what he means creating a genuine company choice of life.

Robert Rondstadt, says, “you do not understand what being an entrepreneur to that is about to lose everything.” “ALL” is that that is at stake when conscious of what is done. TODO is what comes to one when the decision involves a choice of life. “ALL” is the reward you get for doing things motivated by a legitimate desire for mutual benefit.

We must think and believe that the matter does not end when you create the company, acquired a responsibility to maintain and consolidate to achieve in time for all those involved directly and indirectly to its development have the opportunity to make their projections in terms of quality of life. The act of creating company can be as individual as it seems, but its results are definitely becoming and collective. Perhaps this it must learn from those men who created the first companies to though nowadays seem simple and easy compared exercises with these times, they did what they were convinced that assuming it was a choice of life, of them individually and the those who accompanied him.

There are many approaches by way of apology to be heard and put forward in recent years on the almost absolute impossibility to create business in our country and for those who managed to create almost extreme difficulty of maintaining and strengthening. “The regime Tax in Colombia makes it impossible to dream of creating company “, “The lack of price regulation prevented from competing with honesty,” “The low level of training of people do not create value added to production, “The red tape almost impossible to export, so do imports.” Surely there are many more complaints to the economic and business Country.

Regardless of the analysis may be made of each of these and other approaches, many of which may be unfounded, the fact is that more than once have been used to evade responsibility subject to the exercise of employer more than once have served to hide inefficiencies in the management of enterprises. And in most once, too, the problem is not just lack of knowledge and experience, but what is more serious than lack of commitment to all involves and what it represents. That commitment is essential feeds as is the desire and wishes to be and live, that passion that must feel and to be expressed in each and every one of the instruments as this run.

There should be full and complete identification with this condition human and social entrepreneurship. If the entrepreneur born or made, is a discussion for another time and another scenario, probably for the academy, she elucidate the “true” origin of the employer. Their results in nothing should alter that commitment that exercise should occur when it really has been taken as a life option.

Taking business creation as a life option, does not mean Nor, at the end of his account and interpretation, have to die in the attempt, just when it comes to choice of life is acceptable that the exercise of entrepreneurship should not lead to extermination of the person to wear such that their ability to enjoy life look impoverished and limited. On the contrary, assume that responsibility as choice of life means above all other considerations the dignity of the human person, this exercise should serve not only for economic growth should come as a result or consequence of personal growth at all. At some point, most certainly, will require much insight to redirect the coordinates were established, it will say a lot of that person who once took the role of employer as a lifestyle choice and therefore it must be always there for him and his escort.

Give an end to an activity far from those forms in always make use of false arguments that only hurt others he who first sought to save the sinking was the captain and has left others exposed to their fate, when his responsibility was provide alternatives for everyone.

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He has finished his career as business analyst. Worked in different financial organization. Now sharing his experience contributing as article writer and also publishing his knowledge and experience in his own blog Investing For Beginners.