Create a Distinctive Look with a Kitchen Backsplash

It used to be that backsplashes were an afterthought in kitchen design. They were simply a patch of tiles behind the cooktop or sink to protect the wall from water and grease. Today, however, backsplashes are an important design element. Many homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens use the backsplash as a decorative focal point for the whole room. After all, most kitchens have the same elements — refrigerator, sink, stove — so there isn’t a lot of variety. If you’re considering a kitchen remodeling project, a distinctive backsplash can really personalize the room. Below are some ideas for backsplashes.

Ceramic Tile: Inexpensive and durable, ceramic tile is the most popular option. It also offers a number of design choices. You can create a colorful pattern or even use painted tiles to assemble a larger image. Tile is also low maintenance, although the grout does need to periodically cleaned and sealed.

Glass Tile: A greener choice because it can be made from recycled glass, glass tile also offers a wide variety of colors and even textures. Glass can also offer a transparent or iridescent look which some homeowners like. Another option is creating a mosaic picture with small pieces of glass.

Stainless Steel: A low-maintenance option, stainless steel gives a sleek look to your kitchen and can provide a place for storage racks and spice bottles. When combined with stainless steel counters, this option can offer a nice contrast to wood or bamboo.

Granite or Marble: More and more homeowners are opting for a single slab of granite or marble for their backsplash during a kitchen remodeling project. Standard marble tiles are too big for a backsplash, but they can be broken up and turned into a backsplash through a process called “meshing.” Remember that marble is porous and can absorb moisture and grease. Granite is more durable and less porous; however, it needs to be resealed twice a year.

Other Materials: Bamboo is a green choice for backsplashes since it is a sustainable material. Paint and wall paper are other options as long as you pick varieties that are moisture resistant. Metallic tiles can be made from recycled metals and their reflective surface can brighten up the room.



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