Creating a Press Release For a Web 2.0 World

Web 2.0 has changed the way the world does business, and PR practitioners must change their ideas about press releases in order to optimise their use of the global marketplace.

Web 2.0 is the second generation of web development. Its emphasis on sharing information and collaborative social networking and has brought with it some important changes to traditional media practices.

Not the least of these is the fact that market savvy individuals now have the power to disseminate press releases and reach their target markets directly.

While mainstream media still play an important role in many PR initiatives, it’s important to remember that your target audience is no longer a small cluster of journalists.

Thanks to the powers of web 2.0 there are now millions of readers out there who are able to access your press releases and turn them into news. To get you on your way we’ve jotted down a few tips and suggestions:

– Understand your new market. Unlike traditional press releases, a web 2.0 press release has the capacity to reach millions of people through search engines and RSS readers. Before you write, think carefully about your target market, and use phrases that will resonate with them.

– Use a distribution service to publish your release. Of course, simply writing a brilliant press release isn’t going to increase sales. Once it’s written, take some time to distribute your release through established distribution channels. As a first point of reference you might like to consider sites such as or

– Include links. Make sure you give your readers plenty of opportunities to link back to your site. A good press release will provide only a brief outline of newsworthy issues, and readers will expect links to a site where they can get more detailed information.

– Emphasize key words. Think like your target market and be sure to use the same keywords that they use when they are searching for information.

– Remember, good content inspires action. Make sure you release quality content and back it up with strong copy on your own site. Your readers won’t be fooled by fluffy content; they’re looking for substance – be sure to give it to them!

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