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Cricket World Cup 2011 (Monday, January 24, 2011) is a complete information site regarding the latest updates and news of ICC World Cup 2011 including Team, Player, Schedule, Tickets, Live Streaming, Points Tally and Playing Groups

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule Live Scores News Tickets

ICC World Cup matches will be a day that will be one of the fourteen teams of cricket around the world is ready to compete for the ICC World Cup. Cricket scores determine the winner of the cup. Cricket live news can be seen by office assistants as well.

In the stadium or watching TV schedule to stay in World Cup as a couch potato glued to the TV with friends. Lists the World Cup will be many of the streets to cheer their favorite team.

World Cup is hosted by the three countries India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It ‘s the first time, Bangladesh hosted the World Cup Cricket and the dates of the matches are played in different countries are in the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule. Live Cricket News eating the preparation of the host countries, which kept people on their toes to ensure the facilities, are of international standards for international teams.

According to the final list and dates Accessories Cricket World Cup 2011 and Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule of Bangladesh will face Indian team is in great shape for the opening game with Bangladesh who are the first host after cooperation World Cup. The final will take place in Mumbai and the World Cup schedule to determine who book their seats in the stadium and watch your favorite team win.

The timing of the World Cup is already released with the times and locations of the teams participating parties to be held between Group A and Group B teams as teams that qualify. The decisive match for the trophy will take place between the Cricket World Cup 2011 teams reached the final in Mumbai, where we see the new records to set.

2011 Cricket World Cup teams will be there to break old records and create new ones. With the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to be in great shape as always, and broke all records to create a new history of cricket fans worldwide will not miss the “Master Blaster” in action.

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