Criticism For California Criminal Law

California voted for the three strikes rule in 1995. There was a lot concern by CA criminal lawyers with regards to the effect of such a law. Criminals who have been second and third time offenders got considerably far more severe sentences. For example, when Curtis Wilkerson stole some socks, he was prosecuted for a felony. Given that he was a convicted robber in 1981 at the age of 19, he got life in prison.

Law students and teachers have gotten together to bring interest to cases like Wilkerson’s. These freedom fighters are operating to get the releases for some of the most cruel situations of 3-strike victims. Even though there is small sympathy for criminals in our society, it need to shock our collective conscience when somebody is put in jail for life as a result of stealing socks.

The history of the three strike rule is sad and ugly. When two young girls had been murdered by people who currently had criminal records, the state of California, as effectively as the country went into mob mode. The law was approved by an overwhelming seventy two % of voters.

The simple rule is that on your second strike you get double the sentence and on the third you get twenty five to life. The rule is exceptionally harsh due to the fact for the third strike, the crime committed require not be severe or violent. Hence the case of an person acquiring a life sentence for stealing socks.

In addition to the socks stealer, the Stanford group has consumers who have stolen a dollar in loose change and stole some tools from a parked truck. In reality, nicely over half of the third strikers are in prison for petty theft, drug, or lesser offenses.

Recently, studies have shown that the effect of the rule has been typically unfavorable. Most agree that crime rates had been already dropping prior to the rule. Also, there was no true difference in crime price change in between counties that had used the rule and these that hadn’t. Ultimately, the rule has enhanced prison spending by an additional $ 500 million every year.
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