Cruise Vacation All On Your Own

Everyone needs to get away once in a while and a solo cruise vacation may be the perfect break to ease your soul. One of the primary reasons for a vacation on your own is to collect your thoughts, find yourself, reflect on recent events or just mentally check out. The fact that you are out at sea but safely on board a large vessel is a great situation to do the mental check out. All the choices of activities are available to you if you want, or you can just soak up the sun and stare aimlessly at the sea for hours on end. If you fell a little loneliness coming on your solo cruise vacation, pull up a seat at the bar and open some dialog with one of your fellow cruisers.

A big issue to consider when looking for a cruise line to take a solo cruise is any additional fees applied to occupying a cabin by yourself. Cruise tickets are typically inclusive of meals and lodging at a per-person rate and assume double occupancy. If you want to be by yourself you may pay an additional 25% or so for your ticket. Also, many of the discount rates you see advertised are not extended to single occupancy cruise vacationers. If you’d like the cruise line may try to find you a same-sex roommate, which is typically just another solo cruiser like you!

If you do choose to stay in the cabin on your own be sure to do some good price comparisons with the inclusion of single-occupancy fees. You’ll find that the cruise lines can vary greatly with this fee so you want to shop around considerably before booking your solo cruise vacation.

One option to avoid the single occupancy fee is to look for a last-minute deal. Many cruise lines will wave the fee and even offer a discount if they have vacant cabins shortly before setting sail.

Now you don’t have to be alone the whole time you’re on board. There are so many activities to do you should plan accordingly and sign up a few just to meet some folks that you’ll be sailing with. You never know, you may just meet that special “someone”!
The organized dinner function held each night is the ideal place to meet some folks. You will be seated at a table with randomly chosen fellow cruise vacationers to have a nice sit-down meal. This is the perfect place to strike up a conversation with some fellow shipmates and explore the inter-workings of other’s minds. You’ll be sure to run into these people again on your cruise so keep that in mind when your talking. If you don’t like the table you’re on just ask to be seated at a different one the next night. Better yet, sit at a different table each night!

A solo cruise vacation can be an incredible experience. If you always wanted to pen that novel, collect your thoughts, do some self-reflection or whatever, it is the perfect controlled atmosphere that also holds a certain amount of mystery to it.
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