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It is now Water heater Sell And the use of high season, water heaters, security has become the focus of attention of many people. However, I recently visited in the market, found that not long ago

Guangdong Province failed sampling some of the business sector
Water Heater Still Hunan market. Guangdong CSCE? Nepal and other sampling failed water heater
According to “Guangzhou Daily” news, the recent Trade and Industry Bureau of Guangdong Province in Guangzhou, Heyuan, Meizhou 3 in 15 sales companies sell the water heater of sample surveys, sampling results showed a pass rate of 80%. The results from the sampling of view, the OSCE? Nepal, vitality, SAEUFA some products such as electric water heater quality problems.

Sampling found that the OSCE? Nepal SZFD/F-7.5, energy and other products to standard models of the main water heater failed project “non-work, signs and instructions, screws and wire.” Failure in non-work, mainly in

Electronic Single fault circuit parts, appliances without dry protection, resulting in high temperature deformation and easily lead to security problems. In addition, screws and wiring, the main performance of the product shell is thin, smooth wire fastening screw connection, internal wiring connections are not standard.

Failed water heater is still sold in Changsha
These sampling failed water heater market in Changsha, with or without sales? Unannounced visits to Changsha I recently found a number of electronics store, is for failure of the CSCE? Nigeria SZFD/F-7.5 normal electric water heater is still on the counter sales.

Water heater safety related to life, these lines failed sample the water heater, electric water heater is found to fail under the cabinet ordered immediately. Installed in the consumer’s home is like a gold “time bomb.” I visited Changsha, quality inspection departments found: dry protection against electric water heater is the most basic safety measures, lack of heating pipe burst causes the whole machine will leak destroyed, a direct result of security incidents.

I visited Changsha understand the business sector: the moment they have not received notice of higher authorities, but that he would from time to time into

Of the matter: the standard is difficult to implement, difficult channels check
Electric water heaters are relatively mature technology products, but why sampling repeatedly failed? I interviewed for this special water heater industry veteran.

It is understood that the production of testing water heater must meet national standards, “electric water heater state manufacturing and testing standards” have been introduced. But some manufacturers cut corners or deliberately lax quality control, the actual products are often produced with the quality of the original approval certificate of the samples vary widely, but look at authentication information distribution channels, lack of detection capability, business quality inspection departments, such as non-regular random checks on difficult to avoid the unqualified products into the market.

Reminder: electric water heaters need to be cautious
A water heater expert advised consumers: the time of purchase, products are first carefully examine the origin, structure, performance, production date, test certificate and after

And so on. Some low-quality products are very thin shell is rough, according to a concave down on, let alone the quality of the inner; but some risks are difficult to identify consumers should try to choose the larger manufacturers of products, the best are well-known brand, its safety and quality can be guaranteed. SABUNG AYAM