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The couple’s understanding of each and every other and they drawing from each other’s strengths has taken the brand only ahead.

“The story of the birth of Queen &amp Cult is slightly various and special. Maria seemed to live for handbags as she bought one particular bag every single week. Failing to understand her curiosity, I recommended that she lend her artistic bend of thoughts and I would in turn produce a brand for her so she could often be surrounded by handbags and develop new ones. We took the plunge and a label was transformed into a brand,” stated Paolo.

How is that very good news for bag lovers in Oman? The Swiss label, recognized for its versatile designs that can go with any attire, will be launched in the sultanate soon after Ramadan.

Its sub-brands Princess &amp Cult and King &amp Cult (for males) will closely adhere to. Maria and Paolo soft-launched Queen &amp Cult in Muscat at the Grand Hyatt not too long ago. Launched in 2004, the label has its flagship store in Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich.

With their difficult operate and inventive genius, the Durantes soon took the label to Germany and Austria. The PMD AG label now competes with the likes of Donna Karan and Just Cavalli and is set for foray into the Middle East.

“Queen &amp Cult is for the sophisticated, chic, trendy and urbane females. It is already popular in Europe and on everyone’s to-purchase list. Muscat’s strategic positioning, very good networking possibilities and the girls of the sultanate inspired us to launch our collection right here,” mentioned Maria. Paolo mentioned, “The idea to launch it in Oman was born soon soon after a discussion with Alessandro

Gugolz, president, Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland to Oman and also common manager, PMD PLC for Middle East, Africa and Asia. ” We wanted Queen &amp Cult to resonate with international audience and did not want to limit it to the French or Swiss trendsetters.

“Renowned for branded leather, artistry and a cult name, we had entered the industry eight years ago at a time when the market place was in search for excellent leather and we flooded the luxury market with our bags produced of Italian, Turkish and elephantino leather.

“This was the high point for the brand. After then, requests for the bags began to pour in from consumers. It is then I knew Queen &amp Cult had successfully earned the tag of a brand.”

The other feature that tends to make Queen &amp Cult bags stand apart is the innovative pink lining inside them, unlike the usual black and brown. The label has bags for every single objective, of all colours and for college goers to middle-aged girls.

“At the time of its birth in Zurich, the Swiss label was the only style label that had the pink lining. The signature design and style by Maria of spiders on the handbags has been applauded and is a single of its sort. No one has ever creatively employed spider styles on ladies handbags,” mentioned Paolo.

Shariff al Bakry, distributor of the bags in Middle East, Asia and Africa, said the name has aroused interest among many. “We are trying to establish Oman has a hub for distribution to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran and India. We hope to tie up with the right partners for the brand’s availability in the market.”

“In the two days following the soft launch, there were several meetings with major distributors from Oman, the Middle East, India and Iran. PMD is in close contact with the distributors and reviewing cooperation and gives.

“All distributors see massive prospects in placing the products in the Middle East as effectively as other destinations in Asia and Africa. Due to the enormous success, PMD plans the next fashion event in mid-September for the subsequent season with the 2013 collection,” said Gugolz.