Cultivating Kindness

This is a great topic and so timely for today with all of the turmoil that seems to be going on globally, especially with the fear that is being cultivated about the world’s economy. We tend to get caught up in our own lives, and making sure that we are okay and have enough. Often we tend to go to a place of panic and survival of the fittest when we are being bombarded with such negative news.

This is the time when we should be mindful of being kind to others. They may be fearful as well and in the same mind frame. Being kind will spread positive energy that will not only help others but will come back to help you in such a huge way. When we are busy making sure that we have what we need, we can work from a place of fear. This is not in alignment with the Universe and will work against you in your effort to be okay.

Cultivating kindness is a sure way of bringing back positive energy and positive outcomes for you. We are all connected to each other and in ensuring that we are kind to others will remind us to be kind to ourselves as well. You will bring back positive energy to yourself and what you give to others will come back to you. Your mindset is essential to this.

What I mean by this is that you should always be kind to others for the sake of being kind and not one of personal gain. You will be rewarded from the Universe for your kindness in ways that you cannot imagine. When we cultivate kindness from a genuine and altruistic way, we feel better about ourselves, the brain chemicals that heal us and keep our bodies healthy are activated, and we are able to manifest what we need in our lives.

Be careful not to put boundaries around kindness. This is to say, don’t be selective to whom or when you will be kind. If you think that someone is not worthy of being kind to you will miss the point of cultivating kindness. Those who make you mad or make you feel uncomfortable should not be discounted when doling out kindness. Your kindness should be equal to all without judgment and not given only when you are feeling good.

I always say that it is better to be kind than to be right. This means that when we need to be right about something at the expense of someone else’s self esteem or feelings, we are not in alignment with the Universal source and we are engaged with our ego mind only. So be mindful of the kindness you give to others as well as yourself and remember to keep your face to the sunshine.