Cures For Back Pain – Try These Cures First

Most people will suffer from back pain sometime in their life. If you are in this majority you know how it can interfere with your life and how desperately you search for a cure. The good news is that most people don’t require surgery. In fact trying just a few simple home remedies can eliminate your back pain. First decide if you need to see your doctor. Here are some guidelines.

 1. You have experienced pain for 3 days or more.

2. The pain is interfering with your ability to work.

3.  The pain is radiating down your leg.

Now remember these are only guidelines. Only you know how bad the pain is and when is the right time to see you doctor. Okay you are experiencing some discomfort. More than likely it’s muscle and not a pinched nerve or slipped disc.

Here are three back pain cures you can try at home.

1.  Ice it – Lie down with a pillow under your under your knees and a bag of crushed ice under your back. Make sure to wrap the ice pack with a towel.

2.  Try heat – Rubbing an ointment like Ben Gray or taking a warm bath can bring relief but only within the first 72 hours after that it’s better to go with the ice pack.

3.  Get a massage – Have your spouse or friend give you a gentle massage. You don’t have to go to a professional simply lubricate the area with some oil (olive oil) and gently rub.

4. Take some Tylenol or any over the counter pain reliever.

5. Get some rest – There’s nothing like a good night sleep to give your body a chance to recover and repair.

So if the weekend chores were too much or the softball game went extra innings and your back is sending you messages that you over did it, try the above suggestions. However if your condition gets worst of course see your doctor. You might want to check out the “Lose The Back Pain System”. This system has helped thousands cure their back pain without drugs or surgery.