Curing chicken pox in a natural way.

Young children are more prone to get victimized for the sufferings of chicken pox which happens due to the presence of the virus termed as varicella-zoster. This is contagious disease & the pace of spreading is very quick. Certain common symptoms which are noticed, indicating its occurrence which include rash, itchiness & red spots that spread all over the human body. Other indications include high fever, extreme fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Vaccination methods at the appropriate time & correct age could lead for the prevention of such forms of occurrences. This ailment usually occurs among the new-born kids, which is also affected by the females during their pregnancies. Not only this, but it can also happen to the people possessing inferior quality of the immunity system.

The time period for this ailment is basically 2 weeks & moreover, there are a number of natural remedial measures which can be utilized so as to achieve relief & comfort on temporary basis. They are listed as follows:

1.Baking soda forms to be an excellent ingredient meant for the treatment of those individuals dealing hard with chickenpox. This ingredient leads for the control over excess itching & sensations of irritation which enhances gradually in this suffering.

About half spoon of baking soda is to be mixed with a glass of water & gradually with the help of a soft sponge, you need to make applications of this mixture over the affected regions of the body & then allow them to get dried.

2.The usage of neem leaves is highly recommended for the purpose of treatment from chicken pox. It consists of anti-viral characteristic features which provide enough relief on instinct basis. They even help for the drying of the blisters which to a great extent helps for the reduction of itching sensation.

Certain amount of neem leaves must be grinded in the mixer. You can also add some of the leaves in the water while bathing & apply them mainly on the affected regions.

3.This is the time, when the child or the individual must be provided with health & nutritious meals. Nutritionists recommend that carrots, coriander soup must be consumed during this suffering & is highly potential. It must be provided on regular basis.

You just need to divert the mind of the ailing person usually from the irritation that is experienced during such sufferings. Try in the above mentioned techniques which are indeed promising.
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