Curry Chicken Rice and Its Benefits

Traveling in Malaysia is truly a one of a kind experience. From the gastronomic dishes, pristine landscapes, and heartwarming culture, your visit to the country is truly memorable. People who travel, especially those who travel on a budget already worry too much in their back as to how to make ends meet and food should be the least of it. Most of the time food courts and restaurants are located far away from hotels so you have to walk far before you can actually get to eat. While there are hotel restaurants located just a few floors below your room, it is not always a very practical option to dine as the menu can be very expensive. Good thing, if you are on a vacation in Malaysia or planning to have one, Apple Hotel is the best accommodation you can ever book as it has food stalls and vendors located just outside the hotel. With just a few steps upon exiting the door you get a taste of authentic Malaysian dishes at a budget you won’t have to worry. Curry chicken rice is among the many dishes very popular for locals and tourists alike you will see being served in the area. It is a common South East Asian dish but the Malaysian version is one of the most popular.

Typically, this dish is made with chicken parts in a sauce based from yogurt mixed with tomatoes and curry powder to make it thick. Often times, coconut milk is also added to lessen the spiciness of the dish. To add flavor to this dish, different spices are also added such as onions, ginger, garlic, chilies and sometimes include cumin powder, cinnamon and cardamom. The Malaysian version of the curry chicken rice consists of the aforementioned ingredients added with turmeric powder, shallots and shrimp paste. They also often use tamarind to give it a more sour taste. Malaysian curries differ from different states and provinces across the country as this dish is greatly affected by external factors such as religion, agriculture and economy. Curry chicken rice is not only a very delicious meal but also a very healthy one. There have been some studies that showed certain ingredients in a curry chicken rice to help prevent certain diseases such as colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. There are also studies that showed the dish to be a very powerful aphrodisiac as the strong tinge of spiciness in the dish enabled pain receptors in the body become highly reactive to the hotter ingredients and release endorphins which causes a complex sensory reaction due to the variety of spices and ingredients one can taste in the curry chicken rice. It is eventually followed by a natural high which leads to more craving of even hotter curries.

This dish truly is one of the most flavorful and delicious meals one can ever taste during his visit to Malaysia. When you visit Malaysia, don’t forget to order a curry chicken rice meal to complete your visit to the country.
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