Customer Support A Lucrative Career A Call Away

The era of liberalisation has brought with it plenty of job opportunities for people from all walks of life. The opening up of the Indian economy attracted major global giants to establish their call centres in India with GE becoming the trend setter. Today all reputed businesses and services like customer care, IT Enabled Services (ITES), banking, manufacturing, sales and retail, reservations etc are catered through call centres.

A call centre is a well equipped centre having facilities like phones and Internet supported by a large database and trained personnel that provide the conventional voice based or the more Techno savvy support in the form of e-mail responses, web-based services to customers scattered around the globe. Customers can access inbound call centres to enquire about the products or services offered by a company or ‘outbound’ where in calls are made to customers to dispel information, advertise or sell products.

The success of international call centres catering to customers and clients from US, Europe etc. brought many Indian companies to set up call centres dealing with domestic businesses. Initially, there was a big demand for English speaking personnel but today Indian language customer care and call centres are a big hit. The chance to grow, hefty pay packages and facilities like pick-up and drop, meals and medical cover etc. make customer support a lucrative career option.

The Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sector is rapidly growing at a pace of 25% per annum generating around two million jobs in the country. ITES jobs include software development and management, consultancies, BPOs and online services. The rising exports every year is a clear indication that the sector is emerging globally due to the technical expertise and dedication of Indian companies in this field.

With the recession hit economy coming back on track, the chances of slowing down of this segment are remorse. Major Indian companies operating in the ITES sector are – Infosys technologies, TCS, Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra, CSC, HCL Technologies, Mahindra Satyam, Patni, Mphasis, Birlasoft, Genpact, WNS Global Services, Transworks Information Services and IBM Daksh etc, to name a few.

The avenues for growth in this sector are no doubt among the best that even a fresher can opt for. However, no field can be perfect and call centres or ITES sectors are no exception for the rule. professionals opt out of it for higher studies, better endowments or the privilege to work in day shifts. Nevertheless, customer support sector is fast growing having immense scope for all. With the wide range of opportunities and high success rates the field is attracting more and more students and techies in its fold. SABUNG AYAM
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