Cyber Crime In Thailand – Laws To Shield Enterprise

Harsher punishments have now been enacted via the new Thailand law with regards to cybercrime. Hacking and other internet-enacted, or net-connected crimes are now a lot much more efficiently within the handle of authorities.

Although much of the protection of these laws is aimed at citizens, Thai law businesses and organization legal services in Thailand advise that they can only make life less difficult and a lot more safe for our hardworking organizations.

The cyber crime legislation recently enacted was aimed at stopping the theft of data, like bank account details, usernames and passwords to different internet sites and databases, individual social safety or contact information that might lead to economic loss.

They had been also aimed at stopping chat room contacts that lead to rape, which is a sadly rising phenomenon.

Tens of thousands of web sites have been censored for moral and political purposes also, and any site that officials really feel may possibly harm the country is prohibited. There is an efficient censorship and blocking plan in location, and beneath the new Thai law any attempt to get about these censors to access blocked websites will incur harsher punishments, according to enterprise legal services.

Identity theft is of increasing concern to Thai businesses, and Thai law firms have dealt with an escalating workload on this topic. New laws allow identity thieves to be significantly far more effectively chased and caught. Particular categories of Net service are now necessary to maintain logs of IP address and header data, at minimum.

A name is not saved for casual browsing, but for posting comments on forums a robust membership scrutinizing system will be in spot. All of this sounds somewhat unrelated to business’s concerns, however the new Thai laws efficiently make the Internet a considerably much less anonymous spot than it after was.

Legal solutions in Thailand and law firms in Thailand will be in a position to use this information, in conjunction with police, to help track and catch offenders. This greater threat of punishment should also act as a deterrent. The 4 categories of servicewhich will be impacted are telecom operators, content material providers, internet hosting services, and of course, Internet Service Providers.

If the logs are not kept, or offered to authorities on demand, a fine of half a million baht is feasible.
Exactly where Thai police and business legal services in Thailand were previously prevented from carrying out the utmost to catch criminals and recover business’s stolen income, the laws now facilitate this considerably much better.

Computers and information can now be seized for 30 days, with the possibility of an extension up to 90 days. Authorities will be educated in IT forensics, keeping them up to date with technology.

There is also a clause especially designed to let Thai police to arrest and prosecute hackers who are breaking into organizations networks. Although this type of crime is a lot much less common, and more organized, it is also a lot more hard to stop. The new Thai law will assist this, as well as a lot of previously lacking areas of cybercrime law.
[Kor-Thai-Sub] 좋아 (Joah) – 박재범 (Jay Park)

แบบ MV เคลื่อนไหว

좋아 โช-อา แต่เวลาอ่านต่อกันจะได้ยินเสียงคล้าย ๆ กับ โช-วา ค่ะ

Oh child 너무 좋아서 You are driving me crazy
โอ้ ที่รัก ผมชอบคุณเอามาก ๆ เลย คุณทำให้ผมแทบบ้า

니 생각만해도 기분이 좋아

기분이 좋아 기분이 좋아 Na Na Na Na Na Na
ผมรู้สึกดีมาก ๆ เลย

이 느낌 너만 느끼게 할 수 있는 느낌

난 죽을때까지 느끼고 싶어

내 곁에 있어줘 아낄 수 있어 아낄 수 있어
อยู่ข้าง ๆ ผม แล้วผมจะดูแลคุณเอง ผมดูแลคุณได้นะ

*언제나 너만 바라봐

나도 모르게 괜히 웃음이 나와

Oh infant child child baby
โอ้ ที่รัก

난 크게 소리 외치고 싶어
ผมอยากตะโกนออกมาให้ดัง ๆ

**좋아 니 모든 것이 좋아
ผมชอบคุณนะ ชอบทุกอย่างที่เป็นคุณเลยล่ะ

머리부터 발끝까지도

조그만 행동까지 하나 하나
หรือแม้แต่การกระทำเล็ก ๆ น้อย ๆ ของคุณ

다 좋아 니 모든 것이 좋아
ผมชอบทุกอย่างที่เป็นคุณ ผมชอบทุกอย่างเลยล่ะ

너와 함께라면 즐거워

시간이 지날수록 더 좋아져
ยิ่งเวลาผ่านไปเท่าไหร่ ผมก็ยิ่งชอบคุณมากขึ้นเท่านั้น

***난 니가 필요해

매일같이 있게 해달라고 난 기도해
ผมเฝ้าอธิษฐานให้ผมได้อยู่กับคุณในทุก ๆ วัน

나 오직 너만이와 행복하게 살수가 있어

Break it down now
Come on no no

Ay girl 너와 함께면 하루하루가 너무 특별해
ที่รัก แค่ได้อยู่กับคุณ ทุกวันของผมก็เป็นวันพิเศษแล้ว

Stay with me forever and ever baby please

And girl 우리가 운명 아니어도
ที่รัก ถึงแม้ว่าพวกเราจะไม่ใช่พรหมลิขิตก็ตาม

난 무조건 너야
แต่ถึงยังไงมันก็เป็นคุณโดยไม่มีเงื่อนไขใด ๆ

You know that I got you

You know that I love you

I’ll often be with you baby




난 절대로 떨어지기 싫어 (떨어지기 싫어)
ผมไม่อยากที่จะแยกจากคุณไปไหน (ไม่ชอบเลยการแยกจาก)

너를 보고 있어도 (너를 보고 있어도)
ถึงแม้ผมจะเฝ้ามองแค่คุณ (ผมเฝ้ามองคุณ)

너무 보고 싶은걸 (보고 싶은걸)
แต่ผมก็ยังคิดถึงคุณเอามาก ๆ (ผมคิดถึงคุณ)

내 곁에 항상 있어줘 My girl

I want you and I need you
ผมต้องการคุณ แล้วผมก็ต้องมีคุณนะ

Do not ever ever leave my side




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